"Celebrate yourself" - Kaone Kario

Watch her 4 rules to live by

By  | May 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kaone Kario  | Top of The

In their respective fields, Tshepo Ntshole and Kaone Kario stand as established figures, having put in the work, kicked ass and dominated in media and modelling respectively. To many young women, these two are #goals, women who showed us that attaining our dreams as young Black girls is possible and necessary.

Over the course of the past few years Tshepo's expanded her empire and expertise and started Six Pence Media, a platform on which she shares inspiring stories and conversations with other women who've made it in their respective fields; so far including the likes of Sadi Dikgaka, Charity Baaitse and Ricki Kgositau.

After a brief hiatus Ms Ntshole's come back with a tantalizing piece of content, sitting down with supermodel and founder of the Kaone Kario Run For Your Cause initiative, Ms Kario herself to discuss 4 rules Kaone lives by, or at least tries her hardest to.

The list is simple enough:
1. Be kind to yourself. 
2. Celebrate yourself. 
3. Forgive yourself. 
4. Love.

But upon reflection I think many of us would find that these are not things many of us do. It's in our words, our actions and our thoughts - the parts of ourselves that are hardest to tame. Kaone says her biggest thing right now is learning to forgive herself.  What's yours?