Kamo Mphela Has Her Eyes Set On Global Domination

She is coming for everything

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Kamo Mphela when being interviewed by MacG during her episode on “Podcast and Chill with MacG” had cautioned fans that thought the star has reached her potential, by saying that there was more to come from her. And sis did not lie because the leading amapiano female vocalist who is slowly claiming the crown of amapiano is certainly not slowing down.

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The “Amanikiniki” hit maker revealed that she is set to go on her first European international concert. The star was initially supposed to have her first European international show earlier this year, but then Corona! Therefore the trip was cancelled. But it seems that sis has already been booked for her makeup performance, which clearly either says that Kamo or amapiano, or both, are popular and in demand artists.

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The choreographer took to Twitter to confirm that she is set to go to the United Kingdom (UK) later this month as part of the “Amapiano Therapy” live experience. She is not the only one set to head to the UK for the performance, but popular male amapiano vocalist, Leehleza, is also heading over the ocean to also represent the proudly South African house sub-genre.
But Kamo is not planning to make this a trip that is only about her. It seems that the performer is planning to bring an entourage to make sure that she lives a memorable mark. Kamo has indicated that she will be auditioning for dancers soon at the Soweto’s Finest dance studios. The artist currently has two principle dancers that travel everywhere with her, Kabelo Rio and Tlhogi M. But with her demand and popularity growing, sis is also looking to expand on her live experience.

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Moreover, Kamo has promised fans that they can expect her “first official” EP, sometime in the month of November. The EP is the makeup EP, following her actual debut EP, “Twentee One,” disappeared of the face of the Earth. The musician has never addressed what actually happened to the EP, but it seems that they might have tried to do her dirty but you cannot stop a queen that is focused on her throne.

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And in the past month, Kamo has proven how busy she can get. Apart from being one of the most in demand performers in the country, she recently secured a big endorsement brand. Additionally, Kamo has her popular YouTube channel that now has scheduled episodes of “On the Road with Kamo Mphela” that has a new episode published every Thursdays.  

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