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It has been a whole minute without seeing Vee Mampeezy and wife Kagis Sento showing each other love on social media. This power couple is more focused with their individual work and less on showing affection on the socials.

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It comes as a no surprise that the Sento have been through it all. However, the pair still remains Botswana's power couple and the most loved at that. Although they have so much love and passion for each other but they have not shown it on social media as much. Recently Vee Mampeezy took to social media to appreciate his wife Kagiso Sento and social media is abuzz.

Vee Mampeezy posted a picture of his wife Kagiso Sento and captioned it with a black heart. Meanwhile Kagiso Sento responded with a number of red hearts, showing love and appreciation for her husband.

Social media is a frenzy right now, while their industry friends, fans and followers are gushing over the couple's appreciation and love they are showing each other on Instagram. Taking under comments, fans have expressed how much they love and appreciate both Vee Mampeezy and Kagiso Sento.

While fans are gushing over Kagiso Sento's beauty, they are also praising Vee Mampeezy for being the  luckiest man alive for having a wife like her. The pair is really blessed to have each other and their love has transcended much odds, trials and tribulations

kagisosento wrote "❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

precious.7067 wrote "She is beautiful 🔥🔥🔥"

annabellemamthoe wrote "O na le mahumagadi yo monltle rre sentlo ❤️🙏🙏"

dintle_tsiane wrote "Go buiwa ka di❤️❤️❤️ ko rra Sento! I must say I ❤️it! God's Glory🔥🔥"

tshepisomoeng7 wrote "You are blessed"

chiphi123 wrote "O na le mohumagadi yo montle Rre Sento.🤞🙏"

cathy_.nametso wrote "Beautiful wife😍"

The last time this couple showed each other love, appreciation and affection on social media was back in 2021, when Vee mampeezy took to social media and penned down a heartfelt message to Kagiso Sento. Also that time was when Vee Mampeezy issues a puble apology to the nation for over what transpired in their marriage which immediately became public information.

"My wife and I will like to humbly apologies to our fans and The nation at large for the video and picture that were leaked on social media, about our internal matters.Also a big apologies to our sponsors ,clients and also business partners .The picture and Video communicated a very bad message to the nation,on which my wife and I are also not proud of as role models" wrote Vee Mampeezy

In the past, the couple have had their fair share of hurt and heartache n their marriage. Whether it was rumors about cheating from Vee Mampeezy's side or jealousy from Kagiso Sento's side. The pair has thrived beyond out imagination and now they live to tell the tale about it all.

Currently married for a little over eight years, with two beautiful children. The Sento's are still going hard and strong. Despite their demanding line of course, while Vee Mampeezy is traveling the country and even outside of the country doing performances. Kagiso Sento is also hands on deck with her line of work.

The Sento's

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Recently Kagiso Sento took to social media to call out Drake a savage. Although we are still confused as to where Kagiso Sento's deductions about Drake came from, that still remain the mystery she can only solve.

Kagiso Sento - Twitter Screenshot

We would like to wish the Sento's all the love in the world. May they  prosper to greater heights and continue to love one another.

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