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A fashionista turned into a DJ.

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Kagiso Ludo Sento is one name that speaks volumes whenever its mentioned.

She hails from the Ntsweng ward in Kanye.

The former model does not only bring her beauty to the table but her brains have also changed the lives of many in Botswana and beyond.

Every woman who aspires to be successful or enjoy looking good, loves Kagiso and adores her lifestyle. 

Here's Kagiso's biography and some of the things that many love about her.

Kagiso Sento Age 

Kagiso was born on the 16th of August in 1988. She is 32 years old.

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Kagiso Sento Education

Kagiso went to Moeding College for her senior secondary education. She later on transferred and went to Seepapitso Secondary School because of the bullying that she faced at her previous school. 

Kagiso is a qualified AAT graduate from Botswana Accountancy College.

Kagiso Sento Family

Kagiso is married to the most successful singer in Botswana Odirile Sento also popularly known as Vee Mampeezy.

Kagiso and her husband met in 2003 in Jwaneng during presidential holidays. Since then the couple have been joined at the hip. On her wedding, she wore a dress designed by a South African designer by the name of Gert Johan Coetzee.

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The couple exchanges sweet messages on their anniversaries and birthdays and they have two children together, a son and a daughter.

Their son Elisha Tlotlang Okeditse Bobo Sento was born in  2007 and their daughter Armani Omaatla Amen Sento was born on the 21 December 2015.

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Kagiso recently got a Valentine's present from her husband and the two are always sending each other sweet messages on their social media pages.

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Kagiso Sento The DJ

The fashion icon who has most people in Botswana look up to her decided to expand her career and become a DJ.

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When Kagiso started off as a DJ early 2019, her number one supporter, her husband was in the forefront giving her his full support and letting people know that his wife is here and doing a good job.

They also work together performing on stage which is just magnificent.

Kagiso Sento Controversy

Kagiso is one who does not shy away from speaking her mind, but what she says sometimes may get her in trouble on these social media streets. 

It all started innocently when a certain Twitter folk had questions as to how her and others on the panel for the EGH #Women4Girls Empowerment and Leadership Brunch, were exactly helping the young girls and women. An innocent enough question right?

Well, apparently not.

Mrs Sento seems to have taken offence and what started off as a simple enough question tumbled into all kinds of bitter words being thrown around.

Perhaps it was the tone in which those questioning the initiative approached her, or maybe she just wasn't in the mood for the noise, but Kagiso came out guns blazing.

It makes sense why the general public would question the methods behind the empowerment events that have been all the rage lately because more often than not, they're inaccessible to the general public and nothing ever comes of it. Nobody ever comes back and says "Oh, this helped". 

Kagiso Sento Fashion

While Vee travels the continent performing and preaching, Kagiso raises their children and holds down the fort, looking absolutely phenomenal while doing so. Seriously, we haven't seen a bad picture of her yet.

As a former model, Kagiso definitely knows how to piece together her threads. Here are some of our favourite fashion moments from her.

A true Motswana

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Black all day, every day

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A goddess in white

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Those shorts are everything

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Elegance with that animal print

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Kagiso Sento Business

Having worked hard and to show that she does not depend on her husband for money, Kagiso is also the business woman that many youth look up to.

Kagiso is into selling designer clothes and jewellery. She also has trendy glasses  called KLS Collections that are available online and can be purchased through her Instagram page.

Kagiso mentioned that her husband, Vee Mampeezy, is her mentor and she wishes to partner up with him in the property business with him one day.

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Kagiso Sento Brand Endorsements

Her taste in fashion and beauty has made a lot of brands want to work with her. Kagiso is the brand ambassador of a make-up brand, Renee' sant.
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She was also endorsed as the Shell VPower brand ambassador.

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Kagiso is solely focused on growing her brand, but being a mother a mother and a good wife takes precedence. As many would also have it, family comes first.

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