It’s a Wrap For Olivia Yace: She Leaves Fans Wanting More!

This is why she is a force

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Many women in the past have been recognized for breaking barriers and ascending ladders. Remember Zozibini Tunzi, former Miss South Africa and Miss Universe was invisible for quite some time until she won Miss Universe.

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Not only did she win the Miss Universe Title but she shuttered stereotypes on what beauty is and what beauty should look like. She even received a personal congratulatory message from Former Us first Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfred. 
The duo has always emphasized the importance of having good education and passing the same to the children. One of the many things that people do not know is that Yacé Olivia Miss Côte d'ivoire 2021’s parents invested in her good education. 

From 2016 to 2020, she attended Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania, United States where she earned her bachelor's degree in business management with a concentration in marketing. This is one of the reasons why investing in education is important in securing a future for the next generation.

Although her education came in handy, even her looks did her justice throughout her reign. She portrayed so much beauty and you would tell her team is totally invested in her looks and media appearance. Never in our time have we ever seen African beauty being represented in a way she represented black beauty.

We loved seeing her black beauty and her poise as well as her grace was unmatched. These are some of the things that stood out for us during her reign. It went beyond her beauty and her rare kind of presence. 

Her Beauty

There is nothing as striking as Olivia’s rare beauty and how she is majestically placed in such an immaculate configuration. Her longs legs that she normally poses on like she is in some time of motion, just gives us some goddess vibes. The Ivorian model carries so much poise and natural beauty. She is one of the Queens  that has been prideful and content in her skin. We loved her for unique personality and her rare kind of beauty.

One of the things that her team took notice of was her wardrobe and her style. She has her kind of style that made her stand out. Her wardrobe was full of designer clothes and most expensive accessories. It was not just her dresses and her style; it was her jewelry that took her style home. Cote D i'voire has done well in making sure their Queen in represented in every way possible.

The Ivory Coast Queen was never selfish but rather selfless. She formed one of the most desirable relationships with Botswana and South Africa, her fellow sister. These, showed us its more than a pageantry but rather a friendship and a sisterhood. They stood by each other and supported each other at the Miss World Competition.
 Miss World
She did not only make waves back home, but she also made waves at the Miss World competition where she was crowned the Miss World 2nd Princess.  Her traditional regalia set tongues wagging and won big time at the Miss World Competition. This is what she had to say of the outfit.


“This traditional outfit tells the story of the AKAN woman of Côte d’Ivoire. It represents the beauty, femininity, and braveness embodied by the women of this ethnic group. This costume, which was totally handmade and carefully crafted with AKAN woven loincloth, celebrates the woman as a child-bearer and a life-giver.

The cowrie shells that make up the center piece come from the ocean and symbolize creation, life, and protection. They are interlaced and run all along the body to portray the beautiful waves and waterfalls of Côte d’Ivoire. 

The headdress represents a calabash full of water that the AKAN woman carries on her head as she returns from the river. It is a source of life, and it symbolizes hard work.

The orange background color of the costume evokes the flag of Côte d’Ivoire as a symbol of patriotism. The orange stripe of the Ivorian orange-white-green flag expresses the splendor of national blossoming.”
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