Isaac Makwala's Net Worth, Career, And Endorsements

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Isaac Makwala
Born on the 24th of September 1985 in Tutume, Botswana, Isaac Makwala is a professional athlete who has won several gold, silver and bronze medals for Botswana.

The Motswana sprinter was the first man in history to run a 200 meter within 20 seconds and a 400 meter within 44 seconds on the same day- he made this history on 14th July 2017.

As the undisputed king of sprints in Botswana, Isaac Makwala has made considerable wealth from his career on the tracks, his partnership deals with big brands, and his book.

Here is a look at Isaac Makwala’s net worth, his athletic career,  and his endorsement deals.

What is Isaac Makwala’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Isaac Makwala’s net worth is estimated at between $ 1 million and $3 million.

Isaac Makwala’s career

Isaac Makwala on the tracks, source: Instagram

Isaac Makwala’s talent was seen from a very young age. His father Wonderful Makwala observed that he would often be called to see his son race against and defeat grown men when he was barely a teenager.

Makwala officially launched his professional athletic career in 2005 after meeting Zibane Molopo who coached and trained him. 

He made his debut in international sports in 2007 after participating in both the 4 × 400 m relay and 400m during the 2007 All-Africa Games at Algiers, Algeria. He won gold for the 4 × 400 m relay. In the same year, he also competed in the 400m race at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan.

In 2008, he qualified for both the 4 × 400 m relay and 400m at the  African Championships which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He won silver in the 400m race. In 2010, he won silver again for the 4 × 400 m relay during the African Championship which was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2012, Isaac Makwala won gold for 400m during the African Championships held in Porto Novo, Benin. 

Isaac Makwala, source: Instagram

Two years later in 2014 during the African Championships in Marrakech, Morocco, Isaac Makwala competed in the 200m, 400m and 4 × 400 m relay winning silver, gold and gold respectively.

During the 35th Résisprint International athletics meeting in, Isaac Makwala broke his personal record and the African record after running the 400m in just 44.01.

In 2015, he won gold in the 400m race and a silver in the 4 × 400 m relay during the African Games at Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. He broke the record again in 2015 on 5 July 2015 in La Chaux-de-Fond after running 400m in under 43.72.

Isaac Makwala qualified for the 2016 Olympics but he didn’t perform very well- coming in 5th in the 4 × 400 m.

On the 14th July 2017, Isaac Makwala ran 400m in 43.92 and two hours later ran 200m in 19.77, during the Meeting de Atletismo Madrid. 

During the Commonwealth games in 2018 which was held in the Gold Coast, Australia, Isaac secured his grip in the 4 × 400 m relay and 400m winning gold in both races.

He competed in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan finishing 7th in the 400m and 3rd in the 4 × 400 m relay.

In April 2022, Isaac Makwala announced that he would be focussing on 100m and 200m instead of the 400m sprints that we have come to know him for. He also revealed that he will be retiring from active sports after 2022.

Along with cementing his position as one of the fastest men in Africa, Isaac Makwala’s net worth has also been boosted from his big wins on the tracks.

Isaac Makwala’s endorsements

Isaac Makwala, source: Instagram

Besides making money from his athletic agility, Isaac Makwala also makes money from his endorsement deals with big brands.

He is the official ambassador for Capital Motors BMW Botswana and the proceeds he makes from this partnership has helped to boost Isaac Makwala’s net worth.

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