Han C gets recognition from Prince Kaybee

The talent is undeniable

By  | May 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | HAN-C  | Top of The

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Han C is without a doubt one of our most talented acts and you know what they say about hard work paying off. His track with DJ Kuchi "Rejection" is currently making waves and there's no telling how far it's already gone, and will go, but what we currently know is Han C's name has reached Prince Kaybee's ears and well, we're a little bit excited about that.

Prince Kaybee recently sent out a tweet showing appreciation for Han C's talent (He got his name wrong the first time around, but was subsequently corrected) and we don't want to jump the gun and assume this means the two will work together but can you imagine how great that would be? Kaybee had some choice words for a Twitter user who pointed out that giving him props on the internet is all good and well, but a feature would be even better and whew, we can feel the tension through the screen.

We guess it can be easy to forget that celebrities are people with their own little two cents on things and they don't necessarily have to do anything about anything, you know? Either way, it's good to know Han C's name is reaching the right quarters and we're certain his talent will without a doubt get him to bigger and better places in life.

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