Gogo Maweni's Products Sold Out: Batswana Want Her Back

Apparentely she is the messiah

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South Africa Traditional Healer also knows as Gogo Maweni paid Batswana a visit over the weekend where she was providing consultations as well as selling her products which were apparently sold out.

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Her products are undoubtly one of the best especially for people whose baby daddies have abandoned their responsibilities. She has fimly lashed out men who use women and dump them and that those men need to be punished. The socialite and influencer is currently sitting at 140 000 followers on Facebook
and seems this week has delivered what Batswana really wanted.

Apparently Batswana has flocked Cresta Hotel where Gogo Maweni was helping out her clients. Many people had went there to solve their relationships as well as fixing their lives generally. She brought along traditional herbs that could assist many in so many ways.

Gogo Maweni consulted for P500, and these medicines in containers are worth P300 and more. The Sangoma also said the herbs work in
different ways, some make you glow, some bring you more money while some get rid of bad luck.

But above anything else she is a rock of many relationships. Sk khoza is apparently the father of he child and has been pointed to be behind all the misfortunes that were following him. The star who debuted on The Queen Soapie saw his career headed for doom after he was allegedly been a deadbeat father to their child.

While many could be supportive about throwing chants and spells on people for making choices that make other people suffer, some believe in the law
of the universe. That what you give to the universe is what you will get in return. Therefore some people will never resort to dark spells to have their ex lovers bound by chains of evil.

While she should have assisted many people, the celebrity traditionalist who has snake, has been called out for claiming to assist people bring back their lost baby daddies while in fact he has failed to bring his own baby daddy and she has been labelled a red flag. Some have placed their hopes on her and have seen her as the great messiah of their problems. Many people are hopeful she will bring solutions to them.

Relationships has been a problem in our time and many people are really struggling to find their soulmates. Many people are broken and are tied down and still find it hard to find their soul mate. If you find one in our time then luck is on your side.

There are a lot of things that are going on on a lot of
marriages and relationships and people get themselves hurt everyday because this thing ultimately does not have a formula and this is why some end up resort to taking matters in their own hands and consulting herbalists to bring back their loved ones as well as restoring their marriages. Indeed mjolo is
an extreme sport!

However Gogo Maweni has returned to South Africa and she has shared how excited she is that her products are sold out and that Batswana gave her the uttermost love and some warm welcome.

"Dear Botswana, thank you for showing me so much love, wish I could post videos but I respect my clients and my work. Unfortunately I will not be working today I’d like to rest for the drive home back to S.A Johannesburg, we are out of stock, we’ve sold out and I thank you."
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