Gogo Maweni P2 500 Charge For Bringing Lost Lovers Said To Be Cheap!

Some want to pay more

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We know a lot of people go through a lot in their relationships. I mean its close to impossible to let go of someone you truly loved, let alone someone you went through so much for. Such as giving them babies and they end up with someone else.

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Or being in a relationship with someone for over ten years and
they decide to marry someone way younger than you and finer than you. I mean the frustration can weigh you down and that is the reason why many people are sinking in depression and are committing suicide.

According to World Health Organisation relationships will be the leading cause of mental illnesses in the near future and this is beginning to take another toll. While entities like Gogo Maweni are here to attend to such cases, some have found hope hope and solace in those things. The thing about these kind of things is that they are said to have dire consequences that could lead to passion killings.

So whoever uses these things must know that they have dire consequences in the future. However, Gogo Maweni who is supposedly a celebrity Traditional doctor was charging a whooping P2500 to bring back ex lovers. Yep! You heard it right and apparently the place was packed as people were receiving solutions for different things.

This was prove enough that people really love her and how dedicated she is to her work. While some people were asking why she is charging such amounts and some wanted to know if she wont be taxed since she is running herem office like a business.

However some felt P2500 was way too ridiculous especially to bring back lost lovers. Some said she was cheap as some people charged P5 000 instead but despite the fact that she could be expensive, people
just want solutions not the charge.

"Madi the a ijelwe ko Botswana. So you guys genuinely believe that a TikTok, Instagram Twitter Socialite/ Sangoma could do something you can’t? Anyways belief is personal but I don’t believe that someone as powerful as it is claimed could leave a market of over a 60million people for a market with a
population of less than 3mil.

Maths ga o kopane. Had she been good as she claim she wouldn’t even have time to walk out of her yard. Thousands would be lining there daily and those who benefited from her voodoo could be the ones spreading the word.
Le ka Setswana gatwe Matwetwe ga a ipapetse. O bapadiwa ke his or her former patients.

Ke bone who would say that man or lady helped me ( testimonies).
So I don’t believe it. I just see a young businesswoman who is going to take your pulas and promise you all sorts of bull manure. Le gale le ta re bolelela ga go bereka. Nna ga ke dumele." Raymond Setlhomo
Tshwanelang said.

She is still a debate even after she leaves as people love her for bring a modern traditional healer and that he could relate to their issues and placing herself at a better space to assisting them. This is one of the many reasons why so many people will always love her.
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