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It seems he will be dropping soon

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Frost Legato has taken to his Twitter account to serve fans with a snippet of his new music social media and fans can't deal. The rapper shared a clip of him in the studio with the song playing in the background.

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Frost is one of the country's most adored hip-hop artists and every time he releases new music he leaves his fans mesmerized by his talent.  The past couple of months have been emotionally exhausting for him as he lost his baby mama Zibo Bantsi but he has been working hard to bless his legion of fans with new music.

Frost has been slowly picking up the pieces, despite still dealing with heartbreak and he does not shy away from sharing his heartache with his fans who comfort him every time.

The song is very soothing and touching and we cannot wait to listen to it.
Zibo was Botswana's most popular online content creator. Her incredible life journey, up until the moment she died, was shared with everyone in her wake, thanks to her full and active lifestyle. So long as her baby girl knew her mother before she passed away, we can take comfort in knowing she left her in the warm hands of her father and mother.

Frost and his daughter have been serving the best father-daughter goals on social media. The musician constantly gives us a sneak peek into their bonding sessions and we love them. By providing and being always there for his daughter, the musician is one of the few black fathers challenging the stereotype that black fathers are absent in their children's lives.

Frost's baby mama died on Thursday, 1 October 2020, from complications during the delivery of their daughter Azha. Soon after birth, she was put into a medically induced coma, but sadly, she did not survive.

She left her baby daughter, Azha Nthati Bantsi, in the care of her partner, Frost Legato, and mother, Sami Bantsi. In a heartfelt social media post recently, Frost recently revealed in a post that Zibo died from preeclampsia, "Preeclampsia robbed me so I know how wrong this situation can go.” Furthermore, Frost opened up about the heartache of losing Zibo saying the pain is permanent.

"The pain of losing your partner is a different kind of grief, all the plans you made for the future together that will now never be, the happy memories that now haunt you at night, it's crippling and I don't think it ever stops feeling like that, unfortunately."

Zibo recently slammed haters who were spreading vicious gossip about his family. He warned them that he does not wish to entertain their gossips in response to their hatred. "Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, if you're fixing your lips to 'gossip' about me, my family, or worse Zibs, you're evil af and I have no desire to entertain your nonsense, leave me alone," he tweeted.

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