Frost Legato: "She's Georgeous, Sue Me"

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Musician Frost Legato, is one of Botswana's proudest daddies and he does not shy away from displaying that on social media. The musician has been offering fans glimpses into his fatherhood journey, and thus far, it has been nothing short of amazing.

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Following the passing of his baby mama Zibo Bantsi, who passed away on Thursday, 1 October 2020, after experiencing complications whilst giving birth to their daughter, Frost has been spending more time with his daughter fulfilling his daddy diaries.

We love it when our favorite male celebs show their soft and caring sides, especially towards their little ones as they get us all feeling broody. It seems homeboy can't get over his daughter and how cute she looks.

In a tweet, the father of one decided to gush about how beautiful his bundle of joy is and melted the hearts of his fans.

In 2020, he said his daughter looks exactly like him.

"My little girl has my face. This is copyright infringement," he tweeted.

The social media streets have been inundating Frost with questions on when will he show Azha's face, but as usual, some celebs shield their kids from the public eye, especially when it comes to posting pictures of their kids on social media.

On Friday, 16 October 2020 Frost celebrated Azha’s one-month birthday. The musician tweeted, “My daughter's 1 month old today.”, with an in-love emoji. On Sunday, 11 October 2020, Frost shared another update about his baby, claiming that she is constantly sleeping. He stated, “All this hun does is sleep but I love her with everything yoh.”

After the passing of Zibo Frost took to social media to share that what comforts him is the fact that his daughter will get to experience how great her mom was, through her documented life on her YouTube channel.

"The one thing that gives me some comfort is that when our little one wants to know her mummy all she has to do is get on YouTube and get to experience how amazing her mom was," he shared.

He recently protected Zibo's legacy by calling out haters to stop gossiping about his family. He issued a stern warning to gossipers telling them that he has no desire to entertain their hate.

"Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, if you're fixing your lips to 'gossip' about me, my family, or worse Zibs, you're evil af and I have no desire to entertain your nonsense, leave me alone," he tweeted.

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