Social Media Reacts: Ramadeluka Seretse Succumbs To Covid-19

He was not everyone's cup of tea

By  | Jul 24, 2021, 12:24 PM  | Top of the

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The former Minister of Defense, Justice and Security, Ramadeluka Ndelu Seretse passed on yesterday following complications that were not related with Covid 19.

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The 63 year old had been hospitalised and was due to be discharged from Sir Ketumile Masire Hospital to Princess Marina Hospital after being cleared of Covid-19.

Some of the former minister's organs had been affected. Some people did not like he former minister for his witty words that were always received badly.

Social media had a lot to say about the passing of the minister, these were some of their reactions:

@Nthole Mopao Israel said, "I here someone is complaining about how would the family members would feel about some comments but the time he did those things this family was there and what did they say or had they advised him.... It's time we have to tell the truth and stop lying and claiming to be good people. Everyone on earth has done something bad somewhere and something good somewhere"

@Mcpheson M L Rabogadi said, "RIP I remember when I was a 👮‍♂️ He sad le ba ithaupi your monthly salary is equivalent to my dog allowance nako ya teng ke amogela P3000"

@Latelang Aaron said, "One man who had his own issues but I couldn't stop admiring. I felt he was humble"

@Miller Maghori said, "I remember 45k fridge and how he failed to advise SKI not to form political party....he also failed to oppose use of BDF equipment by ex-soldier...I can't remember anything good about him sorry"

@Obadia Baoliki said, "Ndelu once told his constituents that its either they swim or sink his political opponent told them that even in death they will be given a free coffin so he lost the primaries. Ndelu was honest nd therefore not a good politician. Rest in peace big guy"

@Joshua Maluleke said, "Ndelu was a good man. He was humble. He once scolded me and later sincerely apologized for doing so in public. There are not many who can do that! Mhsrip"

@Semana Farms said, "The man who bought himself a 47000p fridge...anyway it was his privilege and he used it to the maximum. May his soul be saved and his family and friends be comforted"

@Tshube Jacob said, "R.I.P fought tota...I remember ba go latola last month...It wasn't meant to be that time, till now when u accepted the calling from the one above.😭Robala Mongwato"

@Casper Casper said, "The only man I know whom when accused of corruption voluntarily stepped aside as cabinet minister to allow law to take its cause not some bunch of thieves. What a great loss. MHSRIP"

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