FME DJs Throw Shade At South African You Tuber

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The Amapiano trio has been the hottest trio in the music scene lately. The trio which is made up of Piet The Dj – FME, Dee Bond FME, and DJ Jozi Straight FME was recently making rounds on social media after a South African You tuber made a YouTube video with the title why he hates FME DJs.

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He made claims that the crew owe him and that they also owe his uncle who was transporting the stars for their shows.
The furious YouTuber seemed to have baked some lies to his viewers as FME DJs had a different tale to tell. They made a video on Facebook where they were throwing some jabs at the South African YouTuber and they were giving some shocking revelations that were never shared on his YouTube channel.

“We are touring and we are currently on a tour right now. We then wake up to a lot of people tagging us on Instagram commenting on our photos saying ‘Pay Zille’. Pay him what? Why is he talking trash about us? When we thought he is our brother as we were working together as boys.

He said he never thought he will make a video like that. But you saw yourself making that video. We don’t ever make such videos anymore dawg. If you know The Car Show you know us, because this is not us. We are only used to having fun and jokes,” they said.

 “If you are touched about not getting huns to tell us if u wanted us to get you huns. And also here is the thing, don’t get mad when huns are not landing you but landing us. It is not our problem. We realized that this guy is not really with us when a hun wanted one of our boys and Zille was mad on why not him but someone from Botswana. So he was there acting weird.”

They went on to share the juicy part of their story and they said when they were together in a club, they needed to be together and be one but Zille decided to be by himself. “ There is actually a video of us dancing and him there alone lonely like his YouTube.

It started there. The worst part is that this guy was initially not part of the plan. We had partners for the tour. So he then begged everyone to be part of the tour and we let him. I want you guys to know that this guy was never part of the plan.”

The Car Show sensations addressed a couple of issues that were a threat to their brand and even with the issue when they were told that they failed to pay transportation fare to Zille’s uncle.

They called the uncle who called Zille out for being too high. The trio seemed to be having a good relationship with Zille’s uncle who was so happy to hear from them, in a phone call they made to confirm all the claims that were made against them.

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