Fans Rubbishes Nijel Amos’s Doping Results

Here is why

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 Reports coming are saying Nijel Amos has been suspended from World Athletics Championships after testing positive for Doping. The local athletics icon and the 2012 Olympic Games 800m silver medalist.

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Amos was reportedly informed of the positive doping test while preparing for the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Amos was scheduled to compete in the 800m heats on Wednesday, July 20. According to the statement cited out his suspension but people are not buying this.
"The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has today provisionally suspended Nijel Amos of Botswana with immediate effect after a sample collected from the 800m runner tested positive for Metabolites of GW1516, a substance that is prohibited under the 2022 WADA Prohibited List as a metabolic modulator. 

Substances in this category modify how the body metabolizes fat and GW1516 was originally synthesized and evaluated for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and other disorders caused by metabolic problems. GW1516 is not an approved substance for human use and WADA has advised of its health risks for athletes," the IAU said in a statement.

In a recent comment made in regards to this claim, one facebooker made a comment that caught many people’s attention.

“Fake results have been happening since way back in Athletics. Athletics just like soccer has its own Celebrity faces that bring money to the spots like the Ronaldo and Messi Brand that generates money and viewership for Soccer. If you are a threat to their chosen Athletics Ambassadors/ they hit you with fake results during testing. There is no way you can disagree because they are the ones doing the tests and faking everything

“They will support their lies against you in the name of expertise. Every Athlete is monitored in the times they run in Training. They saw Nigel is in top form now they come up with silly narratives to suspend him.

He is a threat to their chosen celebrity brand for middle-distance races. They did it to Amantle Montsho before. She was a threat at the time in top Form. No matter how fast you run if they feel you are not marketable to the spots they come with all sorts of fake Doping results.

“They are going to do it to Letsile Tebogo at 1 point unless he signs deals at the top table. If he keeps on winning but doesn’t sign certain deals with the Athletics Committee to bring revenue and viewership to the sports seeing his potential to become champion they are going to come up with fake doping results and suspend him. 

That type of sabotage many don’t emotionally recover from it and it comes to a downward spiral after suspension. Just like any other Organization, there is Corruption that happens behind the scenes.

“If they feel you are not Marketable to the association forget about staying at the top. For example, During the Usain Bolt era had anyone from a no-name country ran faster than Usain bolt that person was going to be hit with all sorts of positive doping results. Keep your head high Nigel Amos ba gotela ka dikganyana ba bona ole mo Top Form.” He explained.
From SABC Facebook post.

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