Dr Gure Brings Mogripo Capsules: Women Scramble For Them!

The good doctor is doing the things

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Dr Gure has been educating men and women on how to enhance their sex life, and that is one of the main thing that has attracted him a huge following. He taught men how satisfy their women and how to have a satisfying sex life and that is one of the main thing that he is know for in the country.

Some men does not love the fact that he puts pressure on them on how best they can show affection to their partners. Some call him the good doctor, for his ability to enhance the sex life of many partners.

Today he took social media by surprise when he introduced the vaginal care capsule, which apparently tightens the vagina and its hygiene generally. Many women were so stunned by the product that every land cant wait to lay their hands on those.

While this could be a solution that most women have always needed, some people have come out to question the good doctor and what his profession is exactly.

"Naare what’s Dr Gure’s specialisation? Is he a Gynae or a General Medical Doctor or a Chemist? Apologies I am just curious. Some of those wild claims of his even defy the basics of biology & common sense. He has made the medical fraternity a joke, a pseudoscience & some pedestrianism .

Anyways you can ask any Gynaecologist about some of those misleading claims of his. I am not one but I read and I am well informed. I can easily distinguish lies from facts.

I cringe when I read or hear a medical doctor joining this African thing of ‘go gripa’ and other false narratives of womanhood. This thing called go gripa as Dr Gure used the term is based on misconceptions, lack of foreplay and understanding of intimacy among others.

It’s more common among those who rape and those who lack foreplay skills. Yep. Intimate sexual intercourse shouldn’t be based on go gripa etc if at all there has been intense foreplay. It is used to demean womanhood (to view woman as loose & someone who sleep with many men around) and it’s the reason some women would go to the point of using dangerous substances on their womanhood.

Someone who has been to a credible medical school cannot recommend a pill for some vaginal tightening. Trust me. Ha o tsene sekwele le ha ele form 5 your biology teacher would have taught you that all that a woman needs are gel exercises, clean water, a diet & a gynaecology visit now and then. Not some pseudoscience. 

I hope BOMRA would take appropriate action. I hope other Doctors would condemn Dr Gure’s wild claims. All he does is to capitalise on the ignorance of some of our population. It is very wrong."
Despite every criticism from men who turned women into a laughing stock, women are not even moved an inch they cant wait to get their hands on the mogrippo treat. I guess now Dr Gure will be here to save women's health.
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