Donald Molosi Blasts Masisi!

Says Masisi is a liar

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Donald Molosi is an actor, writer, and arts consultant. He is the President of the Upright African Movement and has also set foot on film and television as an actor. He has been advocating for schools to teach more about African roots. Today he has come with very strong words against the President and has called him clueless. Many people have come with guns blazing against the President but this time around it seems many more people are sharing their piece of mind. This is what he shared with this publication

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"Allow me to state the obvious since you have a casual relationship with the truth. We are halfway through your term and it seems that you are already in campaign mode. For someone who has barely done anything but talk-talk so far, where is the shame?

You are already infuriating us all with your unnecessary dances in public squares. It is as though you are dancing on the graves of the Batswana who die of hopelessness living under under your remarkably corrupt presidency. But your dances, however ungainly and manipulative, signal that you fancy your chances as President of Botswana again.

This effectively means that you have put up the middle finger to delivery and decided to focus on campaigning this early instead. Many of us are not surprised. You remain disappointing and dangerous and you must never taste a political win again. Under your administration, we have sunk to devastating lows on every front and you have made investments into Botswana speculative and hesitant because you are a clueless President.

The World Bank is warning, in a new menacing report published this month, that Botswana's massive diamond dividends are not forever. It may seem like we Batswana are not enraged about the hitherto mismanagement of our diamond wealth since 1966. But we are furious. We see your thievery, dishonesty and shamelessness, Your Excellency.

When our anger shows up you will not have to ask. It will be borne and shaped of the fury of the UB students who stormed parliament in 1994 to demand answers about Segametsi Mogomotsi. 

I hope that you will be a one-term President because you Batswana are seething because they all now understand just how dignified their lives should all be because it is now more obvious than ever before just how much you continue to embezzle, traffick and waste. 

You, disappointing leader, should get the heck out of that position. It is too big for you. If you were just incompetent, it would be bearable. But you are also heartless, corrupt, clueless and you are a pathological liar on top of that. You were never the people's President, were you? You were forced on us.

You were the Vice President we never wanted and the one we hoped would never ascend. Your people have had enough of you and your cabal and I dare you to call a snap election prematurely so that you can finally be removed from where you should have never been.

Do you even do work these days or you just take pictures like a false god? Like stone, you remain stoic in the face of the cries of children. An entire nation's panic and fury have been triggered by the abduction and murder of young Tlotso Karema who was, according to media reports, sold for ritualistic slaughter. 

We are rightfully triggered because we remember the same fate befalling Segametsi Mogomotsi in 1994, another innocent child. When we mourn, you present to us only a hard face. Get out.."

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