DJ Tira Flaunts His New Set Of Wheels

Shuu, the DJ drives a pricey beast

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 10:29 AM  | DJ Tira  | Top of the

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DJ Tira works hard and plays hard hence he has decided to add a new set of wheels to his already expensive car collection.

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The DJ who loves the finer things in life took to his Twitter account to flaunt his new toy and it's a beast. He posted a picture of him sitting on top of his black G-wagon which was parked peacefully next to his new Mercedes-AMG V8, which comes at an expensive price tag.

The DJ has the most inspiring rags to riches story which leaves many inspired. Tira has been in the industry for more than 21 years and he is one of the most South Africa's most inspiring celebs who have achieved what many could only think of in their lifetime

Not only is she a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, but he is a ballsy businessman and a father to his kids.

He is blessed.

The DJ posted on his Instagram page this morning that he is starting a new job today. This would be another awesome positive piece of news around DJ Tira’s life. Very recently, he hinted at joining Mzansi Magic’s popular soap The Queen.

He teased his fans with a pic of himself and Shona Ferguson on the set of the show. This would be another feather in his cap as he would be taking on a new role as an actor perhaps? He’s quite the multi-talented individual, isn’t he? DJ Tira is also known for his sharp business sense. He had taken the Qwabe twins under his belt and got them a record deal. It clearly worked out, as the twins made enough money to buy themselves a car and they are flourishing in the industry.

Tira recently announced that he'll be venturing into the chicken business. It remains unclear whether he will soon launch a restaurant or sell live chickens like Zodwa Wabantu, who sells live chickens and eggs.

The sultry dancer's latest side hustle will probably sustain her, way beyond her tenure in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is known to be quite unstable and unpredictable. Jobs are usually few and far between, whereby creative practitioners are often compelled to diversify their talents and keep the gates of income streams open!

Zodwa said she decided to start her business due to how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her.

Congratulations to the DJ.

Image Cred: East Coast Radio
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