"Well done Z!!!!! Proud Of You As Always!!!"

DJ Fresh congratulates DJ Zinhle on her latest adventure.

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Award-winning radio presenter DJ Fresh, has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, and his soaring career is full of blessings due to his great heart.

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Getting a stamp of approval from him means that you have done pretty great and you can go rest.

The DJ recently congratulated Africa's leading female DJ Zinhle, on her latest huge achievement. This follows after she announced yesterday that, she is the CEO Boulevard Nectar Rosè, an international sparkling wine company.

Zinhle has acquired equity in the alcoholic beverage company, and she has promised to take it to new heights.

"For me, the perfect business acquisition has to share great synergy with who I am, not only as a DJ but as a woman too. I’d like to think I am the perfect mix between power and sophisticated and the Boulevard brand mirrors that nicely. I see great potential for Boulevard Rosè to go to new heights with my signature touch," she said.

Zinhle had tweeted on Tuesday that she had a big announcement to make yesterday and said her latest adventure is big because it will be her daughter's legacy,

"Preparing myself mentally for tomorrow’s BIG announcement and it is a significant moment because it’s a big step towards building a better future for my daughter.  This is her legacy!!! I am ready to work, let’s go!!!!!"

Taking to social media, to reveal the news she thanked her team for working tirelessly hard "Let me get a bottle of Boulevard Rosé to celebrate!! My team & I work really hard, words can’t describe this moment. Our hard work never went unnoticed.  God really is the greatest. Here’s to celebrating your  moments, the Boulevard way!!! Cheers! #BoulevardXDJZinhle."

DJ Fresh congratulated her and said he is proud of him.

Zinhle is one of South Africa's most hard-working female celebs. The DJ has managed to build a successful career in limelight. From gigs, to endorsement deals and her thriving business ventures, she is making boss moves and it seems she won't stop aiming for more anytime soon.

Her daughter Kairo, is also hard worker of note. The young influencer is only 5 years old but, she is  already securing the bag like an adult. Her social media  following Kairo is set to redeem her career even more and we cannot wait to see them both flourish even more.

Congratulations Zinhle

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