Not The Time To Be Jumping For Joy DJ Fresh

Only time will tell, eventually!

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Recently, there has been reports making rounds which claimed that the sexual assault case against the two most popular and controversial DJ Fresh and Euphonik has bee re-open. This come after this rape case was dismissed in court last year due to insufficient evidence.

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According to TshisaLive, the National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana has dismissed the fraudulent reports about the rape case being re-opened. Mahanjana has put it to the people that the details surrounding this case still remains the same. 

β€œThe status of the matter remains the same, no new information has come to light. However, in a case where there has been no prosecution, investigation strands that were not initially pursued because of time limitations for example, might be pursued to see if they will yield anything new, that might perhaps lead to a reconsideration of the matter.” said NPA spokesperson, Lumka Mahanjana

The rape allegations against DJ Fresh comes after a woman named @Nampree
spilled all the tea and left no beans unspilled when she alleged that DJ Fresh and his pal and fellow DJ, Euphonik drugged and ended up raping her, together with other three woman wo are still unknown at this point. This came as no surprise in the Twitter streets as of course DJ Fresh has been accused of such allegations before. Could was easily  the case of where there is smoke, there is always fire for DJ Fresh.

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People and most women in general rallied after the victim once the allegations against both the DJ's were made public information. One tweep took to Twitter to applaud the braveness @Nampree depicted by coming forward with these serious claims.

TshisaLive went on to further confirm that the alleged victim's representative, Brenda Madumise-Pajibo, told the news about this particular case being dismissed early last year due to the lack of evidence.

In a turn of events and definitely not in DJ Fresh's favor. Not so very long ago, he was slammed with divorce papers by his then wife. Who claimed that she has outgrown the DJ and she no longer sees herself with him. Whether or not, her decision was inspired by the drama and controversy that always surrounds her now then husband, the details remains unknown.

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Whether or not the case wasn't re-opened, this is definitely not the time for DJ Fresh to be jumping for joy. Sexual assault, gender-based violence and femicide still remains the real pandemic in South Africa.

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