Is DJ Fresh Really Perpetuating Racism?

By the look of things, he doesn't want to learn

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It appears DJ Fresh wants to have the last word in following the Dubai Porta Potty video that has sent social media to a frenzy. Even after the rumors has been rubbished away, DJ Fresh still finds amusement to the disgrace.

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Social media was abuzz recently, following a distasteful video that has been making rounds and trended for an entire week on Twitter. Under the name Dubai Porta Potty, a girl reportedly to have been a slay queen is seen been defecated by an alleged Arab man in exchange for money.

Even after an Arab man has came forward to shut down the ugly rumors about Arab man in Dubai with ridiculous fetishes. A public figure like DJ Fresh should know better, as the assumptions have been narrowed down to having racial and racism connotation attached to it.

Taking to social media, DJ Fresh has made mockery of this disgraced moment in an attempt to advise his followers about better days never coming but one needs to go to Dubai to be defecated in order to make man.

"Better days are not coming hamba eDubai baku nyele nawe" wrote DJ Fresh

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Even after a video came about of an Arab man from Dubai, asking for the rumors and speculations to be put to bed, since they incite racism. DJ Fresh continues to make funny of the situation on social media to all the world to see.

The Dubai Porta Potty video has been coined as fake news, rubbished by the Arab man from Dubai who is angered at the racism that South Africans have shown towards the Arabic nation

"This shows how fast fake news spread on social media. Who said and proved that the Trending video happened in Dubai? How many people did this? With how many Arab men in Dubai? Imma need people to go to Dubai and see how untrue or uncommon the “Porta potty” is" wrote Karabo Mokgoko
It has been reported that continues spreading the rumors could have serious to consequences to those who are spreading the rumors. As the whole statement is inciting racism and leaves a bit taste on the mouth. In the video, the Arab man explains how the fetish of defecating on someone's face is not just a thing that is prominent in Dubai, however around the world.

What has triggered his response is how this has painted Arab man and Dubai in general for having rather disgusting fetishes that they perform on people in exchange for money.

We really hope this doesn't land DJ Fresh in any sticky situation since he does know better as a public figure.

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