"Every Girl Should Own A Shotgun" DJ Fresh

That's all he wrote!

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Thato 'DJ Fresh' Sikwane's latest posts may have ruffled feather but the muscled man who is always firm on words isn't hot and bothered. Taking to social media, DJ Fresh have put it to the people that every girl should own a gun.

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He is know for being the man of his words and speaking his mind on the radio. However DJ Fresh is a softie at heart and a family man. This comes after recently when he took to social media to shower his younger brother Rox Sikwane with nothing short of love during his birthday. His latest post rather may have rubbed others the wrong way but DJ Fresh stand firm in his word as he encouraged women to have a shotgun.

DJ Fresh - IG Story

In the video posted by DJ Fresh on his Instagram story. A woman is seen shooting a number of shots with her shotgun. What could have rattled others could be perhaps the video is inciting violence. However at the same breathe, having a gun as a woman in a country where women are always targeted with crimes is seen as a measure of self defense.

Yesterday DJ Fresh had fans heart melting when he wished his younger brother a happy birthday with a heartfelt message. In the message DJ Fresh praised his brother for his resilience and bravery ever since they were kids. In the note, DJ Fresh painted Rox Sikwane as a hero in his eyes.

"When I was 12 years old the folks told me that I was gonna be shipped off to boarding school for high school. A part of me felt like I was being “thrown away”, though in hind sight I am glad they did. My little bro at the age of 7, ASKED to be sent to boarding school … ALL THE WAY IN GRAHAMSTOWN!! That’s when I knew that this one is built different; is independent; and will go far off his own steam" wrote DJ Fresh

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DJ Fresh may be on to something as South Africa is a country infested with gender-based violence, rape and sexual assault, children abuse etc. So, he may have threaded along those line where he has encouraged women to own at least a shotgun, as a measure of self-defense in times of need.

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