DJ Fresh’s Fans Surprise Him For His Birthday!

How sweet!

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Multi-faceted media personality, DJ Fresh, is lapping up the love on his special day, as the birthday surprises keep getting thrown at him. Amongst the many highlights of his day, the Botswana-born DJ made special mention of a group of fans that showed up outside of the 94.7 studio in Johannesburg. 

Fresh captioned the video with, “It’s thanks to radio, that I have met special souls such as these!!! I love you guys SO MUCH!!!”, and began by stating that someone had told him he had a special delivery outside of his office. Upon opening the building door, the DJ was floored by the fact that a group of fans were waiting for him and serenaded him with the Happy Birthday song. The group came equipped with black and yellow balloons and a hamper of goodies for their favourite DJ. 

Fresh then went around to each person and gave them a fist bump, keeping in mind the rules and regulations of social distancing. He stated, “It’s a pity we can’t hug”, as he personally thanked each one of them for the support and well wishes. 

One of the fans explained that they are so grateful for his help throughout the entire lockdown period, and as a gift to him, they would be offering two meal vouchers for two families and a hamper which he can give to a young girl – filled with sanitary pads. 

Award-winning radio DJ Fresh celebrates his 48th birthday today, 15 October 2020.  In 1972, the Sikwane family was blessed with a sweet addition to the family. Little did they know that their bundle of joy would grow up to have such an influence and impact in the world, hence many regard him as a role model. 

Ever since he rose to stardom, the DJ has achieved many accolades and he is also a businessman of note. Fresh is the owner of a company called the Big Dawg Productions.
 It is no secret that the entertainment industry is known to be quite unstable and unpredictable. Jobs are usually few and far between, whereby creative practitioners are often compelled to diversify their talents and keep the gates of income streams open!

Fresh who is no stranger to working hard to ensure that he has multiple income streams has over the years been working hard to succeed. From hosting gigs to bagging endorsement deals, the DJ is keeping his bank account filled to the brim.
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