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Botswana born, DJ Fresh, has related to his many fans in a video today, where he revealed that just like many of us, he has packed on the pounds during lockdown. The 94.7 radio jockey has been hard at work at the gym recently, but revealed that he has been going in blindly, not knowing what his actual weight was. After a few days of intense working out, he finally mustered up the courage to weigh himself, and was shocked by the results. 

He stated, “Just finished by boxing session at EFC in Rosebank. So yesterday I weighed myself for the first time in seven months, so I literally have been going blind for the whole of lockdown. I realised yesterday that the reason nothing fits me in my wardrobe was because I now weigh 140kgs. All along I was thinking I must be a good 130kgs, so I literally need to drop 15 or 20kgs to get to my ideal weight, and I plan to do that! That’s my Fresh start that I am committing to myself. If I can maybe rock about 10kgs off by the beginning of December, I think I will be happy.”

Fresh went on to encourage his fans to follow his example by setting a goal for themselves and complete it. He added, “I would like to challenge you to challenge yourself to some sort of Fresh start. It could be a new project, it could be a new relationship, it could be getting out of a relationship you are not happy in. But I think we all deserve some sort of Fresh start and I want to start with myself.” 

His decision to reveal his weight and weight loss goals was a way of holding himself accountable to his millions of fans who follow his every move on social media. Many encouraged him in the comments section, but claiming that his recent trips to the gym prove that he is hard at work and completely capable of achieving his goals. 

On Thursday, DJ Fresh joined his personal trainer, Sibusiso Kotelo, at the gym, where he completely destroyed him on Leg Day. In a video, Sibusiso lets Fresh know that he shouldn’t be planning any strenuous activity for the weekend, as the day’s leg session was going to make him incapable of walking. Fresh stated, “Today is Leg Day, and I am seeing so much kak right now. But nooo… this guy says, I am not seeing kak, and if by Saturday I am walking, the he hasn’t actually done his job. What the actual f*ck is that?!”. Sibusiso laughed at his client’s misery, although he assured him that he would be fine for boxing, which took place today, it is the day after that he should be worried about.
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