DJ Fresh Is Overwhelmed With Pride For ProVerb

ProVerb was his prodigy

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Internationally acclaimed DJ, DJ Fresh, shared a sentimental post about fellow media personality, ProVerb, who he claims he had discovered at the beginning of his career. Now a well-known industry player, ProVerb was first discovered by DJ Fresh, back in 2003. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 20 October 2020, Fresh shared a video of ProVerb visiting at the 94.7 studio in Johannesburg, where he hand-delivered his new book, Book Of ProVerb. 

He captioned the post with, “THE BOOK OF PROVERB!! 2003 @adilatlarge hounded me about giving some kid a break to be technical producer for my breakfast show on @YFM! There was MIN budget so I had to pay him myself! THAT KID JUST DROPPED OFF HIS NEW BOOK! I love you  @ProVerbMusic!! Took the Ball. Ran with it. Bought the stadium!”. 

The video showed ProVerb graciously offering DJ Fresh a signed copy of his book which included a sentimental note about how he had helped him on his journey to success. DJ Fresh was taken aback by the lengthy message written on the front page, to which ProVerb admitted was not enough to express the gratitude he has for him. The Idols SA host stated, “Anyone who is looking to hear from another youngster who is out her perusing big dreams and to someone who wants to show gratitude to big dawgs who have positioned them along the way, and made him who he is… [they should read the book.”

DJ Fresh responded with, “I’m proud of you my dawg. There are gems in there and like they say… if you want to hide things from us, put them in a book.”

The Botswana-born media personality has been known to lend a helping hand to whomever he can, showing his caring and philanthropic nature. In September 2020, he was in search of a man who was discovered by popular Law Officer Tumi Sole. What stood out the most about this young man was his level of confidence, despite not having the physique of a bodybuilder. When the Big Dawg picked up on the Tweet, he immediately saw potential and wanted to change contestant number 177's life. "Please find him and let’s get him a trainer! I know a couple who could transform him". 

DJ Fresh continues being one of the best radio DJ's and changing people’s lives, luckily South Africans were ready to help the young man under his comments section. It took merely a few hours for him to be found and now it is up to DJ Fresh to make it happen for the young man. We might be looking at the next Bodybuilding Champion.

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