DJ Fresh Is Getting It All Of His Chest

He is making peace with the people in his life

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Everyone’s favourite radio personality, DJ Fresh, got real with his followers today, 30 October 2020, when he revealed his plan for his weekly Fresh Start Friday. He began by stating that his mission to lose 20 kgs is well underway, after he lost 3 kgs in just one week. Inspired by the quick progress he made, DJ Fresh planned on working on his emotions for this week’s task, as along with making his body lighter, he plans on doing the same with his heart. 

According to the media personality, he has been feeling some kind of way following the passing of his friend’s family members, causing him to think about how short life really is. Barely in mind how things can change in a moment, he felt that it was necessary to reach out to friends and family who he had unresolved feelings with, as he believes it would put his mind and heart at ease. 

He stated, “I’m going to be focusing on friends, and ex-friends to tell you the honest truth. Especially with the amount of deaths we have seen in 2020… In just the last two weeks, three of my friends have buried a parent. We had a discussion about how so many things are left unsaid. Even if a friendship was not ‘ended’ and you just ghosted one another as friends. There are often a lot of things left unsaid and you carry it almost like a poison in your system. Especially if you are within the same space as that person, or people or colleague.” 

He went on to explain that his task for the day was to get of his chest all the things are unsaid, to more than a few people in his life. He invited his fans to also take on that challenge and to complete their goals whenever they set them. 

The 94.7 radio jockey has been hard at work at the gym recently, but just last week revealed that he has been going in blindly, not knowing what his actual weight was. After a few days of intense working out, he finally mustered up the courage to weigh himself, and was shocked by the results. His decision to reveal his weight and weight loss goals was a way of holding himself accountable to his millions of fans who follow his every move on social media. Many encouraged him in the comments section, but claiming that his recent trips to the gym prove that he is hard at work and completely capable of achieving his goals. He is already doing great! 

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