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A renowned DJ that first made his mark in Botswana.

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DJ Fresh is one of Botswana's most successful stars and his career has spun for more than 30 years in South Africa. He has successfully dabbled in radio and presenting while being a husband and a dad.

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DJ Fresh has to this day produced a number of albums and he has also shared the satge with internationla artists including "Little Louie" Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armad Van Helden. 

Apart from nurturing his career as a DJ, he's also took the time to launch foundations that give back to the community. 

Here's the DJ's biography

DJ Fresh Turns 48

Multi-faceted media personality, DJ Fresh, was lapping up the love on his special day, as the birthday surprises kept getting thrown at him. Amongst the many highlights of his day, the Botswana-born DJ made special mention of a group of fans that showed up outside of the 94.7 studio in Johannesburg.

Fresh captioned the video with, “It’s thanks to radio, that I have met special souls such as these!!! I love you guys SO MUCH!!!”, and began by stating that someone had told him he had a special delivery outside of his office. Upon opening the building door, the DJ was floored by the fact that a group of fans were waiting for him and serenaded him with the Happy Birthday song. The group came equipped with black and yellow balloons and a hamper of goodies for their favourite DJ.

Turning 48 never looked this good.  

DJ Fresh VS Ntsiki Mazwai

The DJ was once accused of this and he thought he had put everything to bed when he came out to clear the air. It seemed not to be the case. 

Poet and activist, Ntsiki Mazwai, had publicly accused the DJ of rape and harassment, something which Fresh strongly denied. The DJ even sought to take the legal route to settle the matter.

On Wednesday, 22 July 2020, the Johannesburg High Court released statements confirmed that there was a legal battle between both personalities, and ultimately ruled that Ntsiki was no longer allowed to speak about DJ Fresh on any public forum.

The DJ went on to release an official statement which stated that Ntsiki Mazwai refused to take down her post after she was asked to because it was far from the truth.

DJ Fresh Age

DJ Fresh was born on the 15th of October 1972 in Bostwana. The DJs real name is Thato Sikwane. He is 48 years old.

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DJ Fresh Education

DJ Fresh was born and raised in Botswana, when he was 13-years-old, his parents sent him to Maru-a-Pula boarding school and after high school, the DJ studied Law in Botswana where he did not make the grade as he decided to quit and pursue his passion. 

He then enrolled at Boston Media House, where he nourished his talent in the entertainment industry. He graduated with a diploma in media studies where he specialized in advertising and journalism. 

DJ Fresh Marriage

DJ Fresh has been married to his wife, Thabiso for more than 15-years, although the pair keep their relationship out of the spotlight, here are some of the things we know about their relationship.

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DJ Fresh is a father to four children: a 25 year old daughter from a previous relationship, a son who is 14 years, daughter of eight and a four-year-old son. DJ Fresh is also a grandfather with two grandkids.

Like her husband, Thabiso has also had a successful radio career. She has worked for Power FM and Kaya FM. Thabiso is also a trained swimming instructor and once owned her own swimming school.

DJ Fresh Career

The Botswana born radio personality started deejaying at the age of 13. His first gig was a social event at his boarding school in Botswana.

After flunking out of University, he moved to South Africa in the early '90s and in 1997, he got his first big break as a radio host on South Africa's Youth radio station, YFM.  After leaving YFM, he joined 5FM in 2006 making him the first black person to host the drive time show on the predominately white radio station.
In 1997, DJ Fresh became a household name in South Africa and across Africa. The DJ released his first compilation album in 2001 and throughout the years, he has released 32 albums. Not only is he a radio jock, but he is also one of the most booked club DJ's in this part of the world and his music has taken him all around the world.

DJ Fresh opened up how DJ Oskido was actually the one who gave him a shot in the industry. When an opportunity presented itself, the DJ did not hesitate to take it.

In 2017 the DJ headlined Ultra Fest South Africa and also captained the Oh Ship party cruise from Durban to the Portuguese Island. This cruise was seen as a huge success as it pulled in the crowds who were fans of DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh's music.

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After years at 5FM, Fresh moved to Metro FM in April 2017 where he is currently hosting the morning show. Throughout his illustrious career, DJ Fresh has released a total of 32 albums.

After just two years on Metro FM, Fresh took over 947’s Drive Time show in August 2019. Nothing can stop the DJ from assuring his fans of having a good time and 2020 is already lined up.

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Here are some of the songs that the DJ has released over the years. 

Afro Blue - 2002 
Goddess - 2003 
Comme Si, Comme Sa - 2004 
Stay Real - 2004 
Afro Samba - 2005 
Amazing - 2005 
Comme Si, Comme Sa - 2006 
Vuma Ndi Hambe - 2009 
Promised Land (Fresh Goes Deep dub) - 2009 
Alright - 2010 

Apart from his contagious laugh being heard on radio and being seen on international stages, Fresh also lends his entertainment expertise to reality talent Show – SA’s Got Talent as a trusted Judge. 

DJ Fresh Awards and Nominations

Over the years, DJ Fresh has got himself the recognition that he deserves for his work on the airwaves and on the decks.

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These are some of the awards that he's earned over the years:

1994 - Radio DJ of the Year for Lemon Twist (Botswana)
2011 - Best Night Time Presenter at the MTN Radio Awards (Won)
2020 - Best Afternoon Drive Presenter at The Radio Awards (Won)

DJ Fresh Controversy

In 2016, he was rumoured to have cheated on his wife and impregnated his long time manager, Tsholo Mosaka. However, in an interview, DJ Fresh denied the claims that he fathered a child out of wedlock.

“I don’t have a child with Tsholo and I must add I was not given a fair opportunity to reply to any of the allegations. At the time, I was in Botswana when that article was published and funny enough no attempts were made to obtain a comment from me, my wife or even my manager. There was not even an attempt to contact me via social media,” he said.
2019 was a year full of controversy for DJ Fresh. Metro FM took him off the air in June after a listener complained to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCCSA) about the foul language he allegedly used during a live recording.
 South Africa's media darling Bonang Matheba supported him during the incident and slammed the station for its treatment of its top talent. She famously resigned from Metro FM in 2017, hours after a line-up change affected her show.

"We’re gonna make an example ka wena’ is their favorite phase.... Horrible place to work," she tweeted when fans questioned the station's treatment of Fresh.

DJ Fresh and Metro FM failed to reach an agreement following the incident. He was given the axe in July. DJ Fresh joined 947 in August.

That same year, 2019, the DJ had clear his name once again. DJ Fresh released a video statement on social media in response to allegations linking him to sexual assault. Apparently he was part of a long list of celebrities named and shamed on social media who have been ousted for their sexual crimes against women.

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After initially stating that he 'chose to stay in his lane' by remaining silent, the top jock has now defended himself against the claims.He wrote in his official statement; “The current allegations are false and without base. They have been made and published, recklessly.

It seems the DJ thought it best to take the legal route

DJ Fresh Business

As he brings in so much versatility, DJ Fresh today runs his own company Big Dawg Productions; partnered with Euphonik to create mega brand F.Eu and formed part of a collective of DJs, producers, media personalities and musicians called DJU, a platform for SA dance music industry practitioners.

DJ Fresh Net Worth

His key to financial security is saving. DJ Fresh says he has been saving 20% to 30% of his salary for years.

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He's considered to be one of the highest paid DJs today. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

DJ Fresh is not going to stop working on his craft anytime soon. He's had his fair share of challenges in his career, but it seems that has only made him more determined to be bigger and greater. 
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