The Ranakas Come Out Tops

It is DSTV's favourite show

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Viewers are enjoying season 4 of the Ranaka's and the numbers are proof of that. According to entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela, the show is DSTV South Africa's most watched reality show.

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In this season, The Ranaka's went back to their roots, after the elders saw a glitch in the ways in which they celebrated traditions. Apart from sitting at the top of the throne, it is also amongst the top 10 overall shows on DSTV, taking the number 10 spot.

In April alone, 613 000 people tuned in and watched the drama. "The show, is the number 1 reality show on DStv. With 613k viewers pulled for the show’s top episode in April, this made The Ranakas the 10th most watched program on DStv and the leading reality show across the platform," he tweeted.

Phil gave a number of ratings for some of the DSTV shows, but one which caught attention was Date My Family, which is disappointing to say the least. did not quiet hit the spot with viewers this season. 

Yes, every Sunday night, the show tops the trends list, however it lost more than 390 000 viewers overall.  "The show is still a regular on trending lists but it’s losing viewers. In April it pulled 503k viewers, a drop from March’s 730k for most watched episode of the month. Knock down the peg from glory days of 900k viewers," reported Phil.
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