Dineo Reveals How She Got Her Gift

It's been a long time coming.

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More and more celebrities have come to accept their calling as traditional healers. Dineo Ranaka is also one of the celebs that have come out to talk about how she got this gift and why she's only reintroducing herself now. She did not quite shock many when she revealed to the media that she is now a qualified traditional healer. Her fans were rather pleased and extremely happy for her - as she re-introduces herself as Gogo Somahashe.

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Last month the comedian Tall A** Mo also accepted his ancestral calling and graduated from initiation school. Somehow this was met with a lot of negativity - not because of his reputation of being an alleged rapist, but because Mzansi is somewhat fed up by the growing number of traditional healers, especially in the entertainment industry.

However, Dineo Ranaka's announcement kind of made sense to many seeing how her personality, and the way she carries herself, made many aware that she has a gift of some sort. She also sparked this conversation in the year 2019 when she wore traditional attire and was surrounded by cows.

Speaking to Sowetan Live, Dineo Ranaka revealed that this gift made itself known 17 years ago. She had fallen sick and doctors and nurses could not figure out what was troubling her until she met her teacher Dr. Ngwato.

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