RB2 Freelance Radio Presenters On Strike

It is reportedly over bad contracts and unpaid salaries

By  | May 12, 2022, 11:58 AM  | Daniel Kenosi  | Top of the

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Following the allegations made by Ross Tshiamo, a former radio presenter at a popular Botswana radio stations. It could be safe to assume that the re was nothing but truth to her statement. According to Daniel Kenosi RB2 radio presenter have embarked on a strike over salaries.

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Just yesterday the confusion was all round regarding some popular radio stations in Botswana that overwork employees but then underpays them in the process. Ross Tshiamo, an ex-radio station presenter and host to an undisclosed popular radio show in Botswana once shared that she had to quit her job at some point over exploitation.

Taking to social media, former journalist and reporter at The Voice Daniel Kenosi have shared some information that Radio Botswana 2 presenter have ditched their microphone and went on a strike over unpaid salaries.

"Today RB2 wonโ€™t be your station of choice. The Govt commercial radio. Presenters have decided to switch off their mics. The only available team is of newsreaders. They have not being paid for the last month work. If you want uninterrupted music then tune in but if you want active radio, itโ€™s surely not your station of choice." wrote Daniel Kenosi

Daniel Kenosi went on to share a screenshot of a drafted letter to the management from the freelance radio presenters. The letter details how unsatisfied freelance presenters over contract issues are hence they have embarked onto a strike over unpaid salaries.

"Please note that the freelance radio presenters of the department of Broadcasting Services with RB2, we have not been paid following our contracts expiration by April 1st 2022. Kindly be informed that this happens every year without fail despite that we have proposed solutions to the department some of which are stated below" says the letter

Ross Tshiamo sent social media into a frenzy recently where she shared her awkward experience with a radio station she used to work for. Tshiamo went on to relays how radio's in Botswana will pay you in dust even though you are doing the most while carrying out your duties.

"I'm tempted to tell you guys what I used to make as the host of one of the most successful afternoon drive radio shows in the country  it wasn't & isn't enough to just be a presenter. You've gotta MC, DJ, influence, etc just to *barely* get by. BW radio will show you dust nana" wrote Ross Tshiamo

Ross Tshiamo even went to mention the issues over bad salaries, worst contracts and ultimately horrible treatment towards employees. So, the RB2 presenters taking into the street to strike over unpaid salaries could be true testament that radio industry in Botswana is indeed not so good.

"The salaries are bad, the contracts are even worse. You will never keep up even a middle class lifestyle. The bank won't give you a mortgage, you can't have kids because you'll never be able to afford them, and you'll likely never get your hands on the car of your dreams" wrote Ross Tshiamo

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Miss Geekays and Resego Motlhokathari have not said anything on their social media following the news. 

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