Daniel Kenosi's Net Worth, Career, Businesses, And Controversies

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Daniel Kenosi
Daniel Kenosi is a controversial journalist, entrepreneur and social media marketer, who has been making waves ever since he resigned from his job as a senior reporter for The Voice.

The young outspoken personality was born in Zimbabwe but he has spent most of his life in Botswana.

Here is a look at Daniel Kenosi’s net worth, his career and businesses as well as some of his most notable controversies.

What is Daniel Kenosi’s net worth

The exact value of Daniel Kenosi’s net worth is currently unknown and it’s quite hard to estimate his net worth, although sources indicate that he is a millionaire.

He has made his wealth from his career in the media and advertising industry as well as his businesses.

Daniel Kenosi’s career 

Daniel Kenosi, source: Facebook

Daniel Kenosi has led quite a successful career as a media practitioner and has worked for some of the biggest media companies in the country.

He previously worked as a radio host at Duma Fm, RB2 FM, and Gabz FM. He was also a senior reporter at The Voice. 

After leaving The Voice, Daniel Kenosi launched his own newspaper called Paparazzi which he has since converted into a fully online newspaper. Explaining his reason for shifting to the digital space, Kenosi pointed out that he had shifted to the online space to keep up with the current state of the media industry. 

Besides his journalism career and newspaper, Daniel Kenosi also owns an advertising agency called Tlotso Creations.

His career in both the mainstream and online media industries along with his businesses have greatly contributed to Daniel Kenosi’s net worth.

Along with making money from his hustles, Daniel Kenosi who is very prominent on social media, especially on Facebook, has gained massive popularity from hundreds of thousands of Motswananas. In 2021, The Voice named him as one of the top ten influential personalities in the country.

Daniel Kenosi’s controversies

Daniel Kenosi, source: Facebook

Although he has amassed quite success at a young age, Daniel Kenosi’s life is not short of controversies and he has been involved in some very messy scandals some of which have made him face the law.

In 2015, Daniel Kenosi spent a few days and nights at the at the Central Police Station in Gaborone cell after he was arrested and charged with distributing pornographic or obscene content on Facebook contrary to section 16 (2) (a) of Cybercrime and Related Crimes Act Cap 08:06. Following his arrest which happened shortly after he was leaving the Gaborone Magistrate Court where he was appearing for case mention where he had been charged with causing death by dangerous driving and not reporting an accident to the authorities. 

In 2020, Kenosi got embroiled in yet another huge scandal after he allegedly falsely represented a car dealership company on his Facebook page and advertised a car. A woman identified as Shashe reported Kenosi to the police after she saw an advert for a BMW on Kenosi’s Facebook page and was interested in it. She contacted Kenosi who told her that she should make a downpayment first for the car and sent her bank details for his Tlotso Creations instead of the car dealership.  

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