Daniel Kenosi Calls Out Naak Muziq On His BS

No sweet victory for Naak Muziq

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Mzansi’s musician and actor Naak Muziq May be celebrating his victory after wining his boxing match. However, the victory may be short lived while more drama has emerged his way at the hands of our resident controversial Daniel Kenosi. 

Following the much anticipated and celebrated boxing match called FamevsClout between Mzansi’s two big names in the industry namely Cassper Nyovest and Naak Muziq. And while Naak Muziq is celebrating his victory and basking in the glory that is his sunshine. His victory may be fleeting as Daniel Kenosi has revealed some of the most shocking news about Naak Muziq. Taking to social media, Daniel Kenosi has revealed that the recently Celeb City Champion is an abuser of note and a gender-based violence perpetrator.

“In 2014 January 28 Naak assaulted and threw April out of his hotel room. A University of Botswana student then” wrote Daniel kenosi
According to Daniel Kenosi, back in 2014, Naak Musiq was dating Botswana’s Roselyn April. April is also Naak Musiq’s baby mama and ex girlfriend. At the time Roselyn April was a University student while she had a child with the Mzansi’s musician. Daniel continue to highlight that during a fight that transpired between the couple, Roselyn April was allegedly assaulted and thrown out of the hotel room.

Daniel Kenosi goes to say, after the fight that broke out between the pair, Roselyn April was rescued by her mother at the scene of the crime.

“April was rescued by her mother from the scene” wrote Daniel kenosi

Daniel Kenosi continue to say more drama has come Naak Muziq’s way after the incident that transpired between Roselyn April and Naak Muziq. Back when April has just had the baby, allegedly Naak Muziq tried to take his own life because his other baby mama, Nonkululeko had refused to abort their unborn child. This was during when Roselyn April has just given birth.

“Naak once tried to commit suicide when his other baby mama Nonkululeko refused to abort their unborn child. At the time April had just delivered their daughter” wrote Daniel Kenosi

Daniel Kenosi is not at all impressed with Naak Muziq’s victory as he credit Cassper Nyovest for giving Naak Muziq a spotlight that he much needed from the boxing fight that recently happened. 

Daniel Kenosi applauds Cassper Nyovest for reviving Naak Muziq’s name once he has lost from the Celeb City Boxing Match.

“Cassper Nyovest awakened his career and fame” wrote Daniel Kenosi

Naak Muziq May be celebrating his victory after the fight but not everyone is thrilled with his win. Although Cassper Nyovest has revealed that he wants a re-match following not being totally convinced that Naak Muziq won was justified, Naak Muziq have not dignified the request from Cassper Nyovest with an answer. Naak Muziq is still enjoying his win while taking pictures with his boxing match belt and calling him a champion.

Kenosi goes to call out Naak Muziq on his past behavior as he is not sold that Naak Muziq is one of the good guys after his drama with both Roselyn April and Nonkululeko.

“NAAK KE MOGWE WA BOTSWANA” wrote Daniel Kenosi

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