Court Is Still In Session Over Who 'Kissed' Mihlali Ndamase

Tweeps wants her head on a chopping block

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Mzansi's social media darling, YouTuber and influencer Mihlali Ndamase came in the country and left the streets talking for days. While attending her event at Primi, Mihlali Ndase was spotted with a certain gentleman and it be rumored the pair were kissing.

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During her event that she was booked to make an appearance at, Mihlali Ndamase may have done more than appearance. A certain picture of Mihlali Ndamase have been making rounds of social media while it is believed that the star was kissing an unknown gentleman while at Primi.

Social media was abuzz while tweeps were calling Mihlali Ndamase out on her newly found personality that they do not fancy at all. Taking to social media, tweeps were complete disapproving of Mihlali Ndamase's behavior and even went to call her degrading name following the picture on social media.
Tweeps were guns blazing while calling out the social media star out of her name. This is the same event where Uncle Waffles was also booked at ut she never pitched. That has landed Uncle Waffles into a lot of trouble, including being said to be facing jail time and paying off the money she had already been paid plus 75% interest. 

Twitter was sent into a frenzy over the picture that has surfaced of Mihlali Ndamase and people started calling her a tavern girl. Tweeps certainly did not mince their words while hard for the star and her recent behavior.

At the same event at Primi, Mihlali Ndamase met up with our very own beauty queen Kagiso Sento. The pair are seen hugging out each other and having a girly little chat at the event. Taking to social media, Kagiso Sento posted a video with Mihlali Ndamase

"Le a nkutlwa Le batona" wrote Kagiso Sento

Kagiso Sento - Twitter Scrennshot

The search for the mystery man who was photographed kissing Mihlali Ndamase continues on social media. while tweeps are shredding her into pieces over her recent behavior that clearly the do approve of.

Mihlali have not come forward to clear the air, as she is notorious to defend her name and brand. Will she ever came forward to clear her name though? That is the question on everybody's mind.

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