These Celebrities Had Shaped The Creative Industry

Connie Ferguson| Tsholo Dikobe| Palesa Molefe

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The creative industry in Botswana has witnessed stern women arising and redefining that sector. It is through these women that we get to understand that it takes passion and resilience to survive the scorching heat of this tough industry and we admire how they have defied the odds to make a name for themselves and beyond borders. They were recently spotted together in an event that ended on a high note alongside Connie Ferguson. These women need no introduction as they are the cream of this industry.

Palesa Molefe may just be the Miss Botswana Queen, but she has traversed this tough industry to make a name for herself. She is also a content creator at heart, and we loved seeing her incorporating her skills during her Miss Botswana reign. This she did to sell the beauty of the country and share more about her pageantry journey.
Connie Ferguson is one of the women who have been an inspiration and has conquered the Mzansi’s film and television. She has really made herself a name and gained herself global recognition. The film and television star also shaped the creative sector. She will go down as one of the women who are patriots of the art. We love how Tsholofelo Dikobe, a creative at heart is intentional with her craft, she has also made a name for herself. She was recently encountered with Connie Ferguson, and this is what to say of her.

We love the bond these celebrities share as that is good to move the industry forward, its a good example of ending girl hate as well as working together as talented women to push the industry forward. She recently shared her experience encountering Connie Ferguson, we hope one day they will build something solid for Botswana together.

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This formidable, force of a woman has been in the pits of my heart for almost 9 months since the passing of her equally incredible husband, Shona Ferguson. May his soul continue Resting in Peace. Last week Sunday at church, I was experiencing a profound turbulence to pray for her, as usual. It had always nestled in my heart that should I meet her one day, I’ll give her a big hug, and pray with her. She had taught me a lot on raging calmness with immeasurable faith in God with sheer grace. Courage. I have never seen it displayed like that, wow. Anyway, on Monday this week, early afternoon while minding my business, I received a call,” She said.

Hello is this Tsholo Dikobe”, A lady asked. “Hello, Eel Mma this is she”, I said. “Tsholo this is Thapelo Monageng from CMG International agency. I am inviting you to have dinner this Friday with Connie Ferguson. You have been identified as one of the selected few”, She said. Heela Tlhemma Thapelo, No ways!? Are you for real? Kana I have been praying and have prayed for this even just this past Sunday. Are you kidding me?!” I asked. “Haha, wow, Is it? Well, Your prayers have been answered then”. She said”

Saturday came, the day of the creative luncheon business. Unknowingly, I had ran a bit late because of an emergency. The room was packed with creative talent, eagerly waiting on indulging in creative conversation with her throughout the day. I waited to be ushered into the room for a seat. I was directed to a table and assumed my seat. Some minutes passed catching up with industry enthusiasts and trailblazers. Connie entered the room. In a pink, sleeveless printed dress paired with nude flats, she gracefully assumed her seat,” she recalled.
To my crippling shock, she was directed to a seat next to mine, cupping a sense of all that is God’s glory. Surely this was again, still another divine appointment? No ways!  Surely there are things you can plan all you want but then there are things that happen because they are ordained and written. I just know that one day, I will be a part of Ferguson film wardrobe production team. Thank you Thapelo for this amazing convergence.”

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