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Nothing is impossible with them

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The Ferguson Family is living it up in Dubai and we are in envy mode. As the festive season is currently underway most people have been going on holiday to enjoy some much-needed relaxation time and enjoy the hard-earned cash they have worked hard for during the course of the year and it's beautiful to see.

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It is no secret that this year was another major success for the power couple and media moguls Shona and Connie Ferguson as their productions did well. The couple also had a fair share of challenges in the industry as they faced allegations of exploitation, firing actors, and recycling actors, hence a vacation is absolutely needed as a form of escapism away from all the drama.

Taking to Instagram, Connie shared snaps from their Dubai vacay and they are clearly having the best time of their lives. The Fergusons are taking over Dubai with their daughters  Lesedi and Alicia. Lesedi took to her Instagram page and posted a snap of her dressed in a morning gown and her location revealed that she is in Dubai.

Take a look at the snaps below:
Screenshots: Instagram

This is not the first time The Fergusons are on a vacation in Dubai. The country has clearly stolen their hearts as last year they visited the country. The couple has been working hard during the year and they recently made an announcement, on 11 November 2020, that their highly anticipated series, Kings of Joburg will be releasing on Netflix this December.

The series finally premiered and people are loving it. The 6-part series delves into legacy building, fragmented family structures, treacherous brotherhoods, and the effects of crime and African masculinities on families and society at large. Loyalties will be tested, with long-held secrets threatening to shatter the fragile facade.

When they were accused of recycling actors Shona Ferguson set the record straight by stating "The term “recycling actors” is very insulting to actors in our industry. Actors act. That’s what they do for a living. Saying because they’ve been on 1 project they should be cast away and someone new must be cast is unfair. I have never cared for this particular phrase “open up the industry” because it's what we do every day of our lives. We open up the industry to new and old talent. We open up the industry to the world."

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