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There is nothing as dashing like a woman on her make up. A clean make up always brings out the beauty of many women and therefore has always been used by many celebrities. This is because it hides the flaws and brings out the beauty in a woman. This is men love it when a woman is stunning in make-up, well some men. Some however love their women as natural as they are and this why some women choose to go all natural.

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However in the country, face beating has always been the in thing and many women are living off as make-up artists. The market is still ripe and many women have found a niche in. The industry has seen the rising of people like Maxine Magwape who is living large because of this skill and however has also inspired many other people.
Today many local make-up artist are gaining international recognition because of this kind of work. It is amazing how their skills have reached international standards simply by offering very clean face beats. It is beautiful how this industry is growing. Jessica of Jessie’s Make-up is one of the celebrity make-up artist who a facebeat on the award winning Film and Television star Connie Ferguson.

Her work was applauded across the country and left tongues wagging. Her ability to contour a subtle and neat make up is what many people loved. She later gained herself a following and a special shout out from Connie Ferguson for a job well done on her face. The two also had a girls chat after the face beat. Connie is indeed a sweetheart. She gave a plartform to a Motswana like her to shine on her face and she did all the magic there is to make up.

In one of the interviews Jessie did with Business Weekly & Review newspaper on what she likes most about what she does she and the make-up industry in general she said.
“What I love the most about what I do is seeing the smiles of my transformed clients,” she says. “I get to meet people and to hear their stories while I apply makeup on them and it’s just a beautiful experience to have a piece of their life experiences on this journey of life. 

I have cried and I have laughed with most of them. I want to believe that self-confidence and self-belief played a very big role. I had to stop comparing myself with others and to believe that I am unique and special in my own special way. We live in a very competitive world, and if care is not taken, it can turn into poison.”

“The creative makeup is not for the fainthearted. I’ve always aimed for nothing but quality. A combination of creativity and quality earned me a number of clients and the business grew.

 While many other people use make up for different things she uses it to relax.  “Makeup to me first of all is therapy,” says Jessie. “In my spare time, I use make up to unwind. Makeup is a very powerful tool for expressing confidence and beauty, especially when you are a female.”

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