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The month of love is in full swing and our favourite celebrities are getting showered with sweet gestures of love. Valentine's Day is known to being the day where a person's significant other shows them just how much they love them. But who said love is only restricted to that. Media mogul Connie Ferguson felt the love she received today and she bragged about it.

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The Queen producer Connie Ferguson schooled the masses on what real love is and who the source of it all is. As a strong Christian woman, Connie shared a bible verse from Corinthians 13:4-8.

The verse explains how God is love and how people who posses love should treat it.

Connie got treated to some red roses on this special day and thanked Londie Mazwide, owner of I Am Florals who showed her this kind gesture.

"We are surrounded by so much love. Daily. We just have to be open to see it, feel it and receive it. For GOD IS LOVE. @londy_mazwide_eventdesigner @lm_florals_sa Thank you so much for the beautiful roses and sparing a thought for me today. They definitely brightened my day. God bless and increase you more Sis. Lots and lots of love. Happy Valentines Day," she thanked her.

Aus' Connie started the day with a hilarious meme of her and her late husband Shona Ferguson. In the meme Connie is looking into Shona's phone without him flinching. It sends a message that if people are this comfortable with each other's gadgets, then they have probably made it.

Connie was very much and still is in love with her significant other Shona Ferguson. The two shared a bond unbreakable by man as the foundation was made by God.

On the 6 month anniversary of his death, Connie penned a sweet message for him.

"Six months today, and not a day goes by without me talking about you! To anyone who cares to listen! You have left such a big impression of yourself on me and the girls that you are part of all our conversations. Your spirit lives on Sho, and we bless God for walking this journey with us, for strengthening us daily and comforting us in different ways, for the earthly angels who have been supportive of me and my family, physically and in prayer, for the strangers who have been praying for our healing and wellbeing. It is well my love. By God’s grace we are okay. Continue resting in peace my love. Till we are all reunited when it’s our time to be called. I LOVE YOU FOREVER."

On their 20th wedding anniversary, which fell on the 4th monthiversary of his death, Connie admitted that she was not doing okay.

But it is with all this love and support she receives on a daily that she is able to move.

That love was made possible by her daughters.

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