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Now we see where Connie gets it from

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Connie Ferguson is one of Botswana's imports who have been making great strides in the South African entertainment industry. The 51-year-old has solidified herself as a respected actress with a legion of fans.

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The actress was born and bred in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. She later moved to Botswana when she was 5 years old. After a few years, she moved to South Africa to seek greener pasture and she has been in the country for over 20 years now. Connie was raised by her mother Magaret Masilo and her father Fish Masilo.

Her mother passed on in 2013 and her father is still alive. Her father recently celebrated his 85th birthday and he is aging like fine wine. Fish Masilo is a fitness enthusiast who looks fit and healthy. He is well known for his love for boxing and karate.

Speaking to Jet Club Connie revealed that she was shy at school and had to start participating in sports and drama to be good at public speaking.

‘I literally used to have heart palpitations if I had to speak in front of people,"  said Connie.

‘But in my head, I was a completely different person. I was an action hero, like the people in the comic books I read. I used to imagine going after every bully that ever existed and teaching them a lesson!’

Connie has a young sister Atoise Pilane and she loves her wholeheartedly. The two are constantly spotted spending time together. Atosie also works with Connie in her company, Ferguson Films.

Connie's father has seven children and he recently celebrated his 85th birthday with them. The actress shared the last time she saw her siblings was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I can’t remember the last time I was so happy! My heart is so full! This young man called my Dad turned 85 today! The last time I saw Pops was just before COVID hit! In trying to protect him we stayed away and FaceTimed a lot. Today, heaven and earth had to move for all his seven children and Karate children to gather and celebrate their HERO! I have never seen him so happy! 

She decided to gush about her fit dad, "He looks younger than he did last year! With the most youthful spirit! And he’s always the first to boast about how good he looks! That his skin is still fresh! That God loves him so much he is a rock! He stands firm and isn’t going anywhere! The biggest advocate for self-care, you can’t be around my dad and not want to be better and do better! There are special people and then there’s Sensei Fish Tuelo Masilo! The one who’s cut from a different cloth! The Champ!"

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