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Her talent is unmatched and there's no one like her.

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She is mostly known for her famous role as Karabo Moroka in South Africa’s most popular Soap Opera, Generations in 1994.

Although she had left the show in 2010 as she wanted to focus on other TV projects, in 2016 she made headlines when it was revealed that she was returning to  join the cast of Generations: The Legacy. Fans were once again going to see her on their screens as Karabo Moroka

When the name Connie Ferguson is said within one’s circles, it is a clear probability that most if not all people who follow the South African entertainment industry will know who the queen of local content is and what she stands for.

From her days as Karabo Moroka to her current reign as Harriet Khoza and everything in between, we've known her for so long, it feels like she's family! 

But who is this woman, hailing from Lobatse, that has become one of the nation's favourites?

Here's a look at Connie Ferguson's biography and how she rose to fame.

Connie Ferguson Age

Connie was born on the 10th of June 1970. She is 50 years old. She is a Motswana actress, and a business woman born in Lobatse, Botswana.
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Connie is the daughter of Fish Masilo and Margaret Masilo. Sadly, her mother Margaret passed away in 2013. Connie grew up in a close-knit family and she always pays tribute to her mother on her birthday.
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Not many people know that the media personality has a younger sister who looks just like her. Connie's sister Atoise Pilane, only has good things to say about Connie and praises her for the amazing example she has set throughout her life.
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Connie Ferguson Husband, Shona Ferguson

She is married to Aaron ‘Shona’ Ferguson and has two daughters, Lesedi and Alicia. The couple got married in November 2001 and renewed their wedding vows at a beautiful ceremony in 2011.

Just last year, Connie and Shona celebrated 17 years together and later this year, they'll happily celebrate 18 years. Although they've been together so long, the two admit that they aren't solely focused on each other either- their love is divided to their kids too.
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Shona is a self-confessed hopeless romantic who enjoys spoiling his wife Connie with lavish gifts, flowers and home-cooked meals. He also knows how to pick the best wheels for her.
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Connie and Shona Ferguson’s whirlwind romance began in 2001. The couple met at her Johannesburg home. Shona, who is from Botswana, was dropping off some of her sister’s friends at the time and asked for a glass of water. He described the moment he saw Connie as love at first sight.

Connie Ferguson Ex-husband

Connie Ferguson and actor Neo Matsunyane tied-the-knot in the early 90s. Their marriage did not last, and the couple divorced in 1998. They have a daughter together.

Connie and her ex-husband remain friends. She wished him a happy Father’s Day in June 2019. “Happy Father’s Day Tsunyinski @neomm17 ! Hope you have a blessed one!” Connie wrote.

Connie Career

Connie Ferguson is celebrated for her Motswana heritage and brings pride to the country of Botswana with her many achievements.

Aside from Connie’s acting career she also boasts the accolades of being a producer, model, investor, and business woman.

Connie played a lead role of Karabo Moroka on Generations for 16 years, she was also on Live With The Ferguson Family (2001) and Madiba (2004). 

When Connie was younger she asspired to sing with the South African performer Abigail Kubeka and the Nigerian entertainer Kole Wajee in Gauteng.

Connie also starred on a series role in Love By Many Ways in 2003 that earned her a wopping R2.1million. 

The Soapie Generations saw Connie announce her departure in 2010 from her beloved role as Karabo Moroka with the hope of exploring new career options. She left the show on a good note and returned 4 years later to assist in its relaunch of Generations: The Legacy.

Proceeding her 2010 departure from Generations, Connie landed a lead role in the M-Net hit show The Wild, shot on an African game farm, starring alongside her husband Shona Ferguson. The show was however cancelled in April 2013. 

Together with her husband, Shona Ferguson, Connie launched the television company Ferguson Films in 2010. Their productions include, Rockville, iGazi, The Gift, The Throne, The Queen (nominated in 2018 in several categories for the South African Film and Television Awards), The River and The Imposter. Connie played Mavis Mabaso on Rockville.
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Glad to see, Ferguson Films is also promoting the health practices everybody should be following against the spread of COVID-19.

Connie along with her husband, Shona, is the co-producer of the TV series, Unmarried. The show first aired in 2018 and now season 2 is back and fully loaded with a lot of drama and scandals. 

Unmarried is a fun, fresh and sexy new drama about the lives of three young female friends living in Johannesburg, as they deal with the pressures of juggling marriage, motherhood, relationships, and their careers. 

Connie Achievements

Her endeavours have seen the actress shelve many achievements including being voted South Africa’s Ten Most beautiful women by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1993, appearing on the cover of many influential magazines including Forbes Africa and also featuring in David Dodd’s Potrait's of South Africa’s most beautiful women.
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Connie Ferguson Lifestyle

Ferguson has also been praised for her ever present youthful appearance with the compliment of aging like a fine wine. Connie’s fitness regime adds to her physical beauty and her killer abs have become all the talk online.
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Forbes Woman Africa magazine made Connie their cover girl for their health issue in 2019.
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Connie Ferguson Controversy

As figures that are in the public eye, there are people that will not agree to the way of doing things and they found themselves when one of their disgruntled employees accused Ferguson Films of being slave drivers. Ferguson Films finally broke their silence regarding what they believed to be misguided, misdirected and misleading allegations made by actress Vatiswa Ndara. 

The iGazi actress who played the role of Nomarashya in the Mzansi Magic series wrote an open letter to the Minister of Arts, Nathi Mthethwa about the treatment of South African actors. Ferguson Films produced the Mzansi Magic series.

Vatiswa Ndara alleged ‘poor remuneration, unfair contractual agreement, unfair treatment by producers, and made claims about bullying and intimidation in the industry’.

Ferguson Films (Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson) released a statement via their legal representative, Brendon de Kooker.

“As actors ourselves and producers we are aware of the challenges facing the entertainment industry. We support 100% a need for the industry to be regulated and for Performance Protection Amendment Bill to be signed sooner rather than later. With that said, the allegations made by various actors do not reflect the true position of the industry and paints a false picture, that may mislead the public.”

Well Glamour Magazine decided to give Mzansi something to do on the second day of Lockdown by uncovering its April cover featuring, Connie Ferguson. The cover quickly shot to number 1 on the trending list.

Instead of the usual oohs and ahhs the magazine usually illicit, the social media streets tore it to shreds. Peeps are so used to seeing Connie as the graceful queen and unstoppable powerhouse she is.

They were not prepared for a bodysuit and leather jacket combo let alone the bob wig that makes her face look severe.

However, Connie had a message for all her haters, that probably left many crawling back to their places in embarrassment.
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Connie Ferguson Mansion  

Connie Ferguson first showed off her mansion in 2017. She shared a video of her husband Shona Ferguson riding his motorbike up and down their long driveway. The video showed off their perfectly manicured lawn and their amazing views.
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Connie is also known to drive the most expensive cars.
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Connie Net Worth

The talented actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She has several sources of income and the production company, Ferguson Films, brings in the cheques. Connie even has her own beauty products empire which is called, Koni Multinational Brands.

In 2008 Connie Ferguson launched a Fragrance True Self and a lotion in 2014.
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Connie Ferguson is definitely a powerhouse that needs to be reckoned with. From the town of Lobatse, today Connie is a successful mogul who's had nothing but success after success. 

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