Botswana Welcomes Connie Ferguson With Open Arms

The queen is finally home

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The day is finally upon us where actress, TV producer and media mogul Connie Ferguson has arrived home in Botswana. The much anticipated visit from the queen where she will attend the Creatives Business Luncheon is today.

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Connie Ferguson has arrived home in Botswana and people are abuzz following her visit. Connie Ferguson will be in attendance of the much anticipated Creatives Business Luncheon that will see an attendance of over 100o attendees including business and entrepreneurs, creatives and fans and followers of the actress.

Taking to social media, Botswana, Gaborone has welcomed the queen with warm and open arms as she returns home where everything began for her. She has expressed her gratitude, excitement and joy of being amongst the presence of her very own people who love and support her dearly.

"Home sweet home" wrote Connie Ferguson

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Following this visit, Connie Ferguson has devoted herself into the courses that really matter and closest to her heart lately. Her first trip to Zambia where she was keynote speaker at the Step Into Your Power Women's Summit, where a successful summit was carried out to inspire and aspire women in business.

The welcome of the queen in Zambia was out of this world. Having been into the media and TV business for almost 3 decades, it was only befitting to have Connie Ferguson come and speaking to the upcoming, emerging and aspiring women into business.

Shortly after returning from Zambia, Connie Ferguson ten made her way to Zimbabwe where she attended the Women In Business Conference which also was in line with empowering women who are engaged in businesses as well as aspiring women in business.

Connie Ferguson have really held her end of the bargain into supporting and molding women in business and this is really commendable for someone of the statue and magnitude.
Connie Ferguson - IG Story

It is a full circle moment as Connie Ferguson is returning home where it all began for her in Botswana to speak and engage in robust conversation with business people in her very own country.

The Creatives Business Luncheon will take place at exactly 1pm in Gaborone and the excitement is overload for Connie Ferguson to be home and as well as for er fans and followers who truly love and support her.

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