Celebs Who Have Passed And Failed Matric

Does it affect their future or nah?

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Many celebrities have managed to solidify their names in the entertainment industry without formal education, whilst others are adamant that they need an education to fall back on. Whilst it is important to at least get their matric certificates, it has proven to be a bonus to their already successful lives. Here is a list of celebs who have donned those graduation cap and gowns, and others are prospering perfectly without it. 

1.      Paballo Koza

Rising star Paballo Koza has had a fascinating career trajectory in the local entertainment space. The actor has appeared in numerous award-winning shows which have catapulted his career and his future looks bright. Paballo who plays Khaya on Mzansi Magic's drama series The Queen, is on cloud nine after he recently passed his matric with flying colours. The actor garnered three distinctions with a bachelor’s degree pass. Speaking to TSWAlebs he said he is overflowing with joy as his hard work has finally paid off.

"It feels super amazing to be done with matric, considering that we were in the midst of a pandemic. The long study sessions with my friends and zoom calls with the educators definitely paid off. I was jumping with excitement when I received my results and my parents were even more excited than I was," said Koza.
2.      Alicia Ferguson

They often say that long hours of hard work, dedication, and sleepless nights usually breed great results and this notion finally rings true for Alicia Ferguson, who has made herself and her folks proud, in the IEB 2020 matric results. 

Her proud mama Connie Ferguson took to social media to gush over her daughter's latest achievement and she is beaming with pride. In a lengthy post on her Instagram post, Connie shared two videos, one of Alicia dancing whilst King Ronewa is also dancing up a storm in the background with her. The second video is of Alicia dancing with her mom and dad.

Connie penned a heartfelt post celebrating her results and celebrated the matric class of 2020 for reaping great results despite the COVID-19 pandemic which affected the 2020 academic year. Connie had us almost reaching for the tissues when she showed mega support to Ali and said she can pursue any career path and they will support her. Choosing a career path is often a headache to many children as they are forced to study what their parents want, but Alicia's world is hers and she can study whatever she wants.
3.      Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee felt the need to set the record straight after a troll tried to come after him when he rubbed it in his face that he never finished high school. Prince has acquired so much success in his music career even without a matric certificate. Whilst for some, the words 'focus on being the best you can ever be...' were relayed to them countless times in their schooling career, for Prince he revealed that he got that advice for the first time ever.

"Yesterday something strange happened, someone I was speaking to on the phone said....I want you to focus on being the best you can ever be...No one has ever said this to me before, I can imagine those that get told this every day, ya’ll are fortunate, cherish that," he tweeted.

Never one to take any disrespect lying down, Prince subtly clapped back at the troll but also acknowledged that he does not have his matric.

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