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Connie Ferguson shares how you can get into the acting business and possibly work for them

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The acting industry has been evolving over the years because now, we are being introduced to fresh and upcoming actors who are taking the industry by storm but the burning question to many aspiring actors is "How does one get an acting gig?

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Well, it has become very common in the industry that you need to have a representative which is a casting agent to help you get an audition or a role.

The advantages of having an acting agent are that they get told about new roles through their connections, help prepare actors for the roles, they negotiate for the actor's pay, and they have connections in the industry.

Also before you contact them it is important to have experience in acting or train yourself.

Connie Ferguson who is one of the producers at Ferguson Films which has produced a couple of shows shared her knowledge on what one needs to do to venture into acting.

"People need to pester their agents because the bottom line is that we send out briefs to agents, we don't have one on one contact with actors.

"We do get a lot of actors sending through their C.V's and their profiles but it's difficult to try and contact and negotiate with an actor, directly and an actor that you've never worked with before so it's easier to just go via agents.
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