Actors Who Were Fired From The Queen

These are just a few of the Ferguson's victims

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The Fergusons are arguably one of Botswana's most successful power couples, even though the two are based in South Africa and equally as famous there, they are still Botswana nationals. They have been in the entertainment industry for decades and really worked hard to get to where they are as production company owners.

This climb to the top has brought many challenges for Connie and Shona Ferguson however and continues to do so with the many scandals in the industry that the two have been involved in.

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Award-winning actress, Vatiswa Ndara opened a can of worms after posting an open letter to the minister of Arts and culture, Nathi Mthethwa. In the letter, Vati didn't only take a swipe at Connie and Shona Ferguson but also went on to highlight the general state of the Arts in South Africa. Her empowering and bold letter inspired other artists to come forward and share their horrifying experiences with the Fergusons and the entertainment industry in general.

The Fergusons decided to take legal action against Vatiswa and Keke Mphuti because of their public commentary about the treatment they received from them.

Keke Mphuthi has spoken out on the trauma she suffered at the hands of Ferguson Films, as she alleges the production company fired her for being pregnant, she also alleges how she almost miscarried during her pregnancy due to the stress caused by the production company. In a series of tweets, she mentions how she got fired after Shona Ferguson found out she was pregnant and claims to have a recording to serve as proof.

“As I said I have a 28min recording of the meeting we had that confirmed my stay as opposed me being fired."

Rami confirmed her exit on Twitter after she had a fallout with the Fergusons, although there was no direct confrontation, their relationship went sour after TGOM weighed in on the Vatiswa Ndara exploitation saga. Rami found out that her character would be pulled off when the producers were not happy about Rami's comments and also her actions of intervening on other actors' working hours.

"Yes, TGOM’s stint on #TheQueenMzansi has come to an end. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting into details as advised by my legal team. I still have to finish shooting and I’m hoping to execute as excellently, exceptionally and professionally as I always have. #TGOMNATION forever❤️". Thank you for all the well wishes and blessings. It’s been a ride. We keep pushing and working because the #SHOWMUSTGOON no matter what."
Dineo Langa also couldn't escape the axe from the Fergusons, she made sure to set the record straight on what happened. When a follower asked her when she was coming back to the Queen, she said 

"ang'buyi mina ngaxoshwa (l'm not coming back, l was fired).

Khanya Mkhangisa was fired from The Queen, allegedly because of her drunk-driving incident, last year, where a video surfaced of her intoxicated and getting arrested went viral on social media. Even though the entertainment star apologised, she was eventually axed. Mkangisa’s star was on the rise when she joined the popular show as Akhona, from a child star to an established actress on one of Mzansi's most popular shows.

The Fergusons are very successful and have established themselves as a powerful production house in South Africa despite the many allegations against them.

We hope they tone it down on firing people, especially in the current financial climate.

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