Connie Ferguson's Actions Get Her In Trouble

Things didn't go as planned.

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Connie Ferguson's, the actress, filmmaker, producer, businesswoman & wife to Shona Ferguson, big day is finally here. From her days as Karabo Moroka on Generations to her current role as Harriet Khoza on The Queen, it feels like we've known her for a very long time.

It would be poetic injustice if we talked about Connie and did not mention her husband, Shona Ferguson, and her family too. From the moments she gushes over her man to spending time in the gym with Alicia and Lesedi and being the best grandmother anyone could ask for, Connie is all about strong family ties.

However, no one is perfect and our faves do get it wrong sometimes. Remember that time when Connie got dragged for doing blackface and when she got backlash for her Glamour magazine-cover look?

As she celebrates her 51st birthday, here's a look at the many times Connie had people on TL talking about her.

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Ntsiki Mazwai slams Connie Ferguson

Even a court order does not seem to stop Ntsiki Mazwai from speaking willy-nilly about prominent people. She still lives up to her reputation of speaking her mind and not caring if anyone else agrees with her opinion.

Ntsiki targeted Connie Ferguson when she said that she doesn't have what it takes to be an actress.
From shading other celebrities like Bonang and DJ Fresh, perhaps this time Ntsiki bit more than she could chew. 

Did Connie Ferguson respond to this?

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Connie Ferguson loses big time

In 2017, Nivea owner, Beiersdorf, announced its intention to sue Connie Ferguson’s business, Koni International Brands, after it accused Connie of stealing their packaging for their men's products. Nivea deemed the range of shower gels and lotions, named Connie Bodycare, as an identical match to that of the Nivea products.

Connie also accused Nivea of being a bully and she took the matter to the high court. Almost a year later, a verdict was finally reached, but it was not good news for Connie and her brand. 

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Connie Ferguson fights with Vatiswa Ndara

Award-winning actress, Vatiswa Ndara opened a can of worms when she posted an open letter to the minister of Arts and culture, Nathi Mthethwa. She blamed Connie and Shona for exploitation and the inhumane manner in which actors are allegedly treated by Ferguson Films.

Amongst the points made in the statement, the actress revealed that she almost lost her baby as a result of the stress that she endured at the hands of the Fergusons.

Was anything resolved between the two?

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Connie Ferguson gets dragged for doing Blackface

Connie got caught in the eye of the storm after she sparked a colorism debate with a blackface photo of her she shared on social media. This went viral and showed Connie Ferguson dressed as a domestic worker with her hair protruding out of her hat.

While many users, including several celebs, found the photo funny, others took to Twitter to blame the actress for the blackface. Connie found support from some people, who claimed that as an actress it was her getting into a role.

What do you think of what Connie did?

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Connie Ferguson's ex-husband compared to Shona

Media personality Neo Matsunyane is a household name, but also famous for being Connie Ferguson’s ex-husband. Connie Ferguson and Neo got married in the early 90s, but the couple divorced in 1998.

They have remained co-parents to their daughter Lesedi and have maintained their friendship for the sake of their child. In 2019, Connie reached out to him to wish him a happy father's day.

The public seems drawn to Neo as his daughter, Lesedi, has grown, as she shares a great bond with Shona Ferguson who's her stepdad. Shona has never shied away from sharing how much he cares about Lesedi and the two have also been seen spending a lot of time together.  

But how well do we know Lesedi's biological father, Neo?

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Connie Ferguson’s fitness lifestyle

From the pics she loves to share on Instagram, one can tell Connie is a fitness freak and she has been making sure that she maintains her even toned body. Even Laconco, who's part of the Real Housewives Of Durban cast, was inspired by her. 
The actress and her daughters, Alicia and Lesedi are often seen at the gym together fetching their summer bodies. For the longest time, the starlet has always been health conscious and it seems, gaining weight for her is not part of her list of the things she wants.

So what inspired Connie to be a fitness fanatic?

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