When Will Charma Gal Ever Shy Away From Controversy?

But we still love what she does.

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Charma Gal-Motswana Singer
Not every musician can break into the music industry and stay relevant for years. Charma Gal, on the other hand, has withstood the test of time. 

The Mosakaso vocalist debuted in the music industry in 2005 and remains one of Motswana's most successful musicians to this day. She has a sizable fan base in Botswana and elsewhere. In the music industry, the award-winning vocalist is a force to be reckoned with.

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Leaving Culture Spears

Many people were won over by the group's hits and stunning dance moves. Culture Spears secured their place in Africa's music business, becoming a household name with a devoted following.

The ensemble became well-known in a number of countries, and it was given the opportunity to tour around the world, giving audiences a taste of Botswana music. Charma Gal departed the group owing to marital troubles with Kabelo Mogwe, one of the group's founders, according to The Voice Botswana.

"Because there was a marriage involved, we had relationship issues, and the working environment was not as smooth as one would have hoped."

"At that point, I made the decision to concentrate on my solo career, which had only recently begun, if you recall. In terms of business, I never left Culture spears. "I stayed and am still a business partner now," she said.

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Her Divorce

The singer and her husband, Kabelo, separated a few years ago. The pair appeared to be unhappy in their marriage, as their divorce was acrimonious and unexpected. Their son's custody was the subject of a protracted legal fight. She found love in the arms of businessman Resego Matenge, but their relationship ended in tears after she was supposedly ejected from his home.

Charma Gal accused of dating Jay Prayzah

Jah Prayzah, a Zimbabwean artist, was also accused of having an affair with the musician. This is reportedly why they broke up with Resego Matenge, their ex-boyfriend.

Addressing The Voice ``It's true, I asked her to leave my place, and we're no longer together," Resego stated. I want to concentrate on growing my business and parenting Thandolwane, our two-year-old son. "It's no longer my business to be involved with Charma Gal," Resego told The Voice.

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A Heartbreaker?

Charma Gal was married to fellow bandmate Kabelo Mogwe when we first heard of her. Charma Gal moved on from her marriage and dated businessman Resego Matenge for three years, with whom she has a beautiful son.

The romance, however, was short-lived, as suspicions that she was seeing Zimbabwean rapper Jah Prayzah caused the couple to break up amicably. Many have speculated that this is karma for Resego's previous marriage to Charma.

Her current relationship status is unknown, although many believe that her reunification with Culture Spears and Mogwe signals a romantic reconnection.

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