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Even the nurses gushing over her

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As today marks the world international nurses day, musician and drama queen Charma Gal had taken social media by storm while wishing the nurses a very special day today. Social media is abuzz and all thanks to Charma Gal.

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Charma Gal has left the social media in stitches when on this very auspicious day that celebrates the world on nurses. International Nurses Day is a day intended to celebrates nurses and observe the contributions that nurses make to society. With drama queen Charma Gal who has causes a scene on Facebook when she wished the nurses a beautiful day today.

Taking to social media Charma Gal has left people in stitches while opening a can of worms since now everyone has jumped into the bandwagon and inserted their two cents into wishing the nurses well today.

"HAPPY NURSE'S DAY MOMS AND GIRLS WE LOVE YOU GA PARACETAMOL. "Motho o kgona go tseela motho se sa gagwe a se itshimolletse a bo a yo shonga ka sone ko bathong. Nna kelotlhoko gore o bolella mang megopolo ya gago ya botshelo eseng jalo o tlaa hitlhela re tsamaa kgakala re phaphasela ka yone" wrote Charma Gal" wrote Charma Gal

Nurses have caught on with Charma Gal's joke and taking under her comments they have laughed her joke out load while taking her for wishing them well. Front line working are very much important members of our societies.

Taking to under comments nurses have expressed how much they love Chara Gal and her wit. Who wouldn't loe Charma Gal and her funny bone and charismatic character.

Tshephang Tsheppy Charles-Moleele wrote "Re a leboga ngwanaetsho"

Botshelo Tjiyapo-Madeluka wrote "Thank you so much Charma gal and all your fans. Le rona re le rata ga cooking oil!"

Ungwi Olaotse wrote "Ga raro ka letsatsi. Le rona re go rata too much"

Ivy Gombo wrote "Thank you Charma"

Onalethata Moikabi Owner wrote "Sending love"

Also Charma Gal's fans and followers are currently having a field day under her comments. As they have taken to the joke that Charma Gal has started while wishing the nurses well on their special day. Social media is currently abuzz with funny comments that are coming in at every after 2 seconds all thanks to Charma Gal.

George Mofhenyi Lekutlane wrote "happy nurses day,batho ba go re bonela dikarolo tsa mmele tse di hitlhiwang.."

Keba Keba wrote "Nna kebatla rata se implant mme ba eta ba tena ga penicilli"

Andries Mkhuma wrote "Ra ba rata ka leralo la stable but critical"

M Morena Kewaone wrote "Much love to the nurses ba mono ga ba itse tiro ya bone tuuu"

Joshua Warona wrote "How sad, three three times a day if it doesn't get better then get back here"

Charma Gal who was recently attacked by a couple at one of her performance, took to social media to share the devastating news with her fans.
Charma Gal and the couple got into a dispute, which later escalated to the couple calling Charma Gal out of her names with all kinds of degrading names.

"Mosadi : charma gal ga wa nkopelela sakuna sakuna wee
Charma :ke e opetse motsadi ke yone ya bohelo
Mosadi :nnyaa ga ke a e utlwa boela o ye go nkopelela
Charma :nnyaa mmane e chaile go tsena ba bangwe 
Mosadi :wa gana go nkopelela owaii mme kana ga o montle,ga wa rutega ,ga o na sepe se o nang naso re rata dipina tsa gago eseng wena ,dipina ke tsone tse dintle" wrote Charma Gal

Her fans were up in arms once they were made aware of the news however they took to social media to comfort and wishing Charma Gal well on being degraded by obsessive fans who couldn't take no for an answer.

We would like to wishes all the nurses across the world an international nurses day today, all of the best.

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