Shocker! Charma Gal's New Look Causing A Stir

She done went bald and ran with it!

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Magdeline Lesolobe famously known as Charma Gal is receiving so much love and praise after revealing her new look. Facebook is abuzz after the singer and songwriter dropped a picture of herself with a bald head.

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Evidently, Charma Gal is Botswana's favorite singer and it appears that she can never do any wrong to her fans. Out of nowhere, Charma Gal too to Facebook and posted a picture that has the Facebook streets talking and Charma Gal is basking in the glory that is. Well known for creating conversation and controversy, Facebook was on fire and Charma Gal lit the match.

Charma Gal's fans were gushing over the new look and couldn't contain their excitement as things clearly became a frenzy under the comments section. Although there were mixed emotions but proof was in the pudding and that is that Charma Gal remain the most loved musician in Botswana.

DJ CALL ME wrote "The Best Picture in the World"

Joel Gladys wrote "You are beyond beautiful my love"

Jaime Mabunda wrote "Naturally beauty African are so beautiful"

Moreen Amisi wrote "You know what you are more beautiful  African queen just be like this"

Charma Gal who has won many hearts since her debut in the music industry back in 2005, still continues to woo more fans because of her passion, effort and her music being relatable to her fans. Born in Lerala, a small village about 300km north of Gaborone, Charma Gal's trueness and authenticity has been the best formula to keep her relevant and much loved.

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Whether or not Charma Gal's new look is real or not, the fans are here for nothing but showering her with love and admiration. Charma Gal who is very much active with her fans on Facebook, does not ever get tired of interacting and talking with them on Facebook. And fans truly appreciate when they favorite celebrities and personality interact with them from time to time. Which is one of the reason why many people love Charma Gal because they can relate to her so much.

While some of Charma Gal's fans were clearly gushing and taken over by the new look, at the same breath, some fans were taken by surprise and didn't shy away to letting her know what time is was. A great champ that Charma Gal is, she couldn't be fazed by mildly shocked fans.

Anna Manyala wrote "That's a surprise charma"

Emmaculate Hobyani wrote "So Charma you are taking us back to Kulunyane, i love this you are so down to earth swiry"

Khathutshelo Vissingsky Nemakhavhani wrote "Remind me of kulenyane album"

If there is one person who has managed to be the talk of town and create controversy, it is Charma Gal. 

Charma Gal who stays busy and booked made an appearance and a performance at this years Friends of Staywell Appreciation Party, held at the Staywell Garden. Knowing Charma Gal and howover the years she has mastered the art of stage presence while delivering a stellar performance, it is one of the reason she stays winning.
Will Charma Gal come out and put people at easy with the alleged new look? How will fans take it if it turns out to be a prank? Only Charma Gal can put us all at ease in the end.

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