Charma Gal's Return Has Sent Her Fans Into A Frenzy

It is almost as if her every move is calculated

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After days when musician and favorite queen of vocals Charma Gal pulled a missing in actions, especially on social media. Fans were sent into a frenzy while they were wondering where was Charma Gal all this time.

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Charma Gal is very fond of her social media and that is where she interact with her fans, she basically lives on Facebook. However, when recently she pulled a missing in action for almost five days that did raised eyebrows to a number of people. After numerous speculations on Charma Gal's whereabouts, she has came forward to put everyone's mind at ease.

"Good Morning the Charmians i missed you ,am back from the Farm ,where were we, lets continue with our syllabus KHAWA LOADING" wrote Charma Gal

Charma Gal's fans and followers are having the time of their lives with the return of their queen. On social media, they have applauded her for making a U-turn and showered her with nothing but love and continued support as the queen still have another stops to make on her country tour album launch.

Jack Kelly wrote "Welcome back dear, we missed you too"

Relebohile Khamane wrote "Good morning my dear welcome back it's a beautiful day today"

Dspc Ncubez wrote "Welcome back! thankyou for writting in English..some of us dont know hw to read Tswana"

Leso Moreki wrote "Do you know how much we love you morning too"

Thabani Mkwananzi wrote "Morning morning, I'm fine welcom back Charma"

If there is one person who is dearly loved and supported by her die hard fans is Charma Gal and she doesn't fail to always make it a point that they know that she is queen. Charma Gal has made Facebook her favorite platform where she constantly communicates with her fans. So, it was worrisome to see her not active for almost five days in the row.

Her timing could not be more perfect because truth be told she was dearly missed. Her content on social media, especially Facebook is so captivating and her fans are always having a blast with her on Facebook. The proof is also in the pudding, now that Charma Gal has returned, Facebook has gone abuzz while celebrating her return.

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The queen is currently doing her album launch tour across the whole of Botswana. It is almost as if everything that Charma Gal is always calculated and she always knows the end results to her every actions. Either way her fans loves every bit of her and it shows.

On her last day being active on social media,  last she wrote a status on Facebook was on the 18th April at exactly 08:44 in the morning. She was talking about leaving a trophy in Kalamare, she must have had a performance in Kalamare.

"Bagammangwato I left the trophy at Kalamarehey they raised the frequencies at K12 but I told them to take pictures and return it to MmaNotha's garden the owners are waiting for it" wrote Charma Gal

We couldn't be more thrilled to have our our queen back.

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