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Making her debut into the music industry in 2005, Magdeline Lesolobe, better known by her professional stage name, Charma Gal has been dominating the Botswana music industry for well over 15 years. Charma Gal was born in Lerala, a small village 300 kilometers north of Gaborone, she fell in love with music at an early age and worked hard to make a name for herself, not only in Botswana but also across borders. The 37-year-old began her career with the Culture Spears group and her career has continued to grow from strength to strength. 

She currently sits as one of the highest paid artists in the country, so let’s take a look at Charma Gal’s net worth.

Charma Gal’s Net Worth

The musician has worked tirelessly over the years to build her brand whilst also branching out into her different money making entrepreneurial business ventures. Consequently, her efforts and hard work have paid off, and according to several online sources, Charma Gal’s net worth sits at an estimated 1 million USD. This figure translates to about 11.5 million Pula.

As a result of this figure, the musician and media sensation is easily recognized as one of the wealthiest people in the entertainment industry in Botswana.

Picture source: @charma_gal Instagram

How does Charma Gal Make Her Money

As a musician and recording artist, a huge chunk of Charma Gal’s net worth is generated from her music. Because Charma Gal is such a big name and veteran in the industry, the artist remains booked and busy for appearances and performances across Botswana and neighboring countries.

In addition to her incredible performances, Charma Gal earns a lot of money from YouTube views on her songs, as well as royalties and licensing fees for all the music she puts out, both as part of Cultural Spears and as a solo artist. Her songs have some of the highest views on YouTube in Botswana.

Picture source: @charma_gal Instagram

Charma Gal’s Awards & Recognition

Despite the controversy that has surrounded her career, Charma has remained a fan favorite in Botswana's music industry. The singer-songwriter has six albums to her name, credit from her career as a solo artist, with many of them earning her award nominations.

In 2015, whilst in attendance at the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) awards, Charma Gal walked away with four awards including Song of the Year and Best Female Artist, beating out all the other competition. The numerous awards throughout her career have definitely added to Charma Gal’s net worth and have also served as a message to anyone who doubts her talent.

Picture source: @the_bwtaskforce Instagram

Charma Gal has established herself as one of Botswana's top female artists through her longevity in the music industry. She has no plans to stop and stated in early 2021 that she was ready to rejoin Culture Spears artistically, despite never officially leaving as a business partner.

Charma Gal’s net worth is a reflection of her commitment to her craft and her passion for music. She continues to collaborate with various artists and hinted at releasing a new music and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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