Charma Gal's Job Advertisement Causes A Frenzy

She never cease to amaze

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Botswana's queen of music, humor and controversy Charma Gal has started a war on social media. Her fans and followers have flooded her timeline in hundreds following a job advertisement that she posted looking for a house keeper.

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Whether she is posting about her recent bald new hair style or a job advert looking for a house keeper. You can rest assured that Charma Gal's timeline will be flooded with thousands of fans reaching out to her. This is evident enough that Botswana stan their queen and by the look of things Charma Gal can never do any wrong before her fans eyes. Charma Gal took to social media with a job advert where is looking for a house keeper.

"Call me CEO hoo 72578151. Age is not a problem as long as hands are there

Facebook is abuzz as people came in their numbers wanting to come and work for Charma Gal. This comes as a no surprise, who would not want to come and work for the queen of music. Whether some people are offering their services for free and not to receive any salary. While others simply want to come and be closer to Charma Gal. The war has been waged on Facebook and Charma Gal started the fight.

Tryphin Mutandagavi wrote "I'm here Charma I will work three months without salary just to be next to you"

Mothwana Claudia Nols Bonollo wrote "Ke teng Charm, Ke chef, Can do cocktails for you, Ke go alolela jaaka ko di hoteleng, English breakfast, Room service"

Joel Melato Melato wrote "Charma ke teng ke nna F/town mme ke motswapong koo Ramokgonami ke ka nna your ka go baakanyetsa le di box tsa gago tse o di thobogileng ka do bosetsa mo tirisong wa opela thata.bata nna ga ke makgakga ke thaloganya se o sebuang . Nketele koo F/town"

If Charma Gal is not a queen of controversy then I don't know what is. As recently she took to social media to show off her alleged new hair do. A bald picture of Charma Gal caused a stir on social media as fans were divided with how they feel about Charma Gal going bald.

Read more: Shocker! Charma Gal's New Look Causing A Stir

Fans were take by shock by Charma's new hairdo as they didn't shy away from letting her know how they felt. While fans were gushing over the new look and couldn't contain their excitement as things clearly became a frenzy under the comments section. Although there were mixed emotions but proof was in the pudding and that is that Charma Gal remain the most loved musician.

DJ CALL ME wrote "The Best Picture in the World"

Joel Gladys wrote "You are beyond beautiful my love"

Jaime Mabunda wrote "Naturally beauty African are so beautiful"

Moreen Amisi wrote "You know what you are more beautiful  African queen just be like this"

The queen of the stage and mic has melted and won over many hearts through her music, personality and character. Trust Charma Gal to give you a performance once she hit the stage and you won't have to worry about nothing but sit back and enjoy the show. Which is any reasons why her die hard fans are always by her side.
Comments are still pouring as fans are selling themselves wanting to come and  work for Charma Gal. As she took to social media to with a job advert, looking for a house keeper. The person who is having a field day today as she is scrolling down the comments sections and seeing the most outrageous things people are saying they will do in order to work for her.

Kutlwano Molathwa wrote "Mathata akeitse go apaaTota hela i hate cookingKe itse go dira di noodles helaOtla jone everyday akr?

Charma Gal wrote to Kutlwano Molathwa "lesa ma babe ke tla ja ko baagisaneng"

Pongie Mothusi wrote "I am hereby applying for a vacancy as advertised"

Onneile Lato Unih wrote Nna ha nka go bereka WA go nkoba le penne..kafa keratang monate Ka teng e Ka nna ere otswa oya Di festival'n kebo ke lla SA garagele ke batla go tsamaya naoke lebetse ke gore ke maid ijooo"

Monica Ndlovu wrote "Im here i will be working for u and dancing with u as well"

Whethere or not Charma Gal is really looking for a house keeper. Only she can free us all from the curiosity. I guess we all have to wait to hear furthermore details from from the queen herself

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