Charma Gal Pulls A Mission In Action

This isn't her MO at all

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Musician Charma Gal has pulled a missing in action on social media and it is worrisome. Charma Gal's social media, especially Facebook is always and regularly updated but recently the queen of music is nowhere to be seen.

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It is usually stranger for any superstar to go for days on end without updating their social media and keeping their fans on the know with all their doings. However, musician and Botswana's favorite queen Charma Gal has pulled a missing in action and it does raise eyebrows. It has gone exactly 5 days without Charma Gal being present on social media, especially her favorite of them all which is Facebook. Charma Gal would update and write on Facebook almost regularly and sometimes two or three times a day.

However the superstar is nowhere to be seen recently and it is worrisome. Last she wrote a status on Facebook was on the 18th April at exactly 08:44 in the morning. In her last post she was talking about leaving a trophy in Kalamare, she must have had a performance in Kalamare.

"Bagammangwato I left the trophy at Kalamarehey they raised the frequencies at K12 but I told them to take pictures and return it to MmaNotha's garden the owners are waiting for it" wrote Charma Gal

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Charma Gal enjoys Facebook and interacting with her fans on a regular basis. However, recently it is kind of a damper onto things not having her on social media. She is usually funny, with her tongue in cheek content sometimes but mainly she is always talking to her fans and making them laugh on social media. And not seeing her active for the last five days is truly a worrying.

Even if she is working on new music, she never go silence. She usually write on Facebook, take some videos while in studio and teasing her fans on the new project she is working on. This one time she was working on new music, she took to social media and consulted or their feedback.

"Will y’all ever accept it? Ditiro and Charma gal" wrote Charma Gal
On her last day being active on social media, she was wishing one of her fans a happy birthday and nothing seemed odd. While at that she then greeted her army of fans she calls Charmians and that was the beginning of the end of things.

"Happy birthday ma babeenjoy your day ke go kopela ka pina ya Culture Spears ya mantlwanenghip!hip! hureeee!Good morning the Charmians"

Although we have not heard anything bad at this point but we cannot deny the fact that her missing in action is indeed worrisome. What is mainly worrisome is that Charma Gal loves Facebook and talking to her fans on a regular basis but recently she has not been doing that.

We really wish and hope that our queen is safe and sound, and we would like to hear here from her very soon.

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